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+LPS - Your To Sweet Vinnie bo Vinny+

This my first fan art for this show. it coud be batter.. :/
but i still like it. for got the blush...but i still like it.

oh and yes i like Vinnie x Butter Cream. :I
Case yah..

Re-blog it here [link]

other parings i like.
Minka / Russell
Pepper / Sunil
Penny / Digby (haters gonna hate)
Zeo / Esteban (haters gonna hate)

yup yup.
mite do some ZeoBan or DigNny next time.


Time: 3 hours
Tool: SAI


Art © Me
Vinnie & Butter Cream © Hasbro/Hub
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© 2013 - 2022 never-coming-back
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never seen this ship before interesting
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D'AWWWW so cute! :D Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
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*plays Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get On"
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Stupid weird shippings. My OTP is Sunil&Vinnie! Go Sunil&Vinnie! <3
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im so so sorry 4 stealing this im so ashamed Embarrassed Mynx Ashamed
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someone has stolen this…. ive reported them too. ALL of their artwork is stolen.
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Oh, my! It looks so cute! :love:
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u know i really love this so much that on Yahoo! i put it in my pictures well not tht but when make a background pic u know?
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I don't see how Zoe and Estaban can go together. They didn't even meet each other in Blythe Crush.
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I'm confused, so confused! I love VinnieXPenny Ling, but now I love VinnieXButtercream! Maybe he can be a playa. XD
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awesome <3
this is one of my otps
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Holy guacomole! :'D
Okay, where to start of,
where to start off?!

asdgjl; I love this like a kids loves candy!
This is so entirely sweetie pea and
it melts my heart like a frosting pop ;u;

great job!!!!
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Awwww! They are a cute couplE!
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Digby and Esteban, who are they?
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