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Harlan Draka

By Nevatariel
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Hi all my friends!!! :wave:
Today a new experiment! This time i made this fanart with inks :D ...yes, and a white gelly pen onion yep
This character is Harlan Draka, from the italian comic "Dampyr" by Bonelli. He is a vampire slayer born from a "master of the night" (one of the oldest and most powerful vampires) and a human woman.
His blood can hurt and kill those creatures, so he and his team use it to prepare special bullets to be used against their enemies during the battle :vampire:
A lot of stories, a lot of characters, investigations... black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet

Special thanks to ivandragonero1965 who i talked a lot with about Bonelli comics these days Chitanda Smile Icon
Hope you like it and...Cheers!!!! :hug:Umi Cheering Icon 

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Awww thank you so much! :hug: F2U | Flower Petal Bullet F2U | Flower Petal Bullet F2U | Flower Petal Bullet 
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your welcome so much :hug:
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It is a beautiful piece of art. And the lack of colors goes well with this character (but in my opinion, I don't even know him). Foxtrot - Wow! :clap:

A vampire hunter? In this case, you may like "Anita Blake" if you haven't heard from her yet. Some of the audiobooks are on Youtube, if I'm not mistaken.

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Thank you my dear! :hug:
Well, Harlan is not famous in other countries, so it's normal that you don't know him LazyIcon I wanna use - 13 He is from an italian comic :D
But I know Anita Blake! She is famous! .:Happy star:. Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] 
I read  some of her books in the past! Maybe... seven or something. I know that there are a lot of books because the writer, if i'm not wrong, started to write her stories around the 90's, loooong time ago!
I remember that there were vampires, werewolves, and not only wolves but even felines (O_o?), a lot of different creatures! And Jean-Cloud small heart - black 
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Oh, you even read the books? Cool! I started the audiobooks on Youtube about a year ago. I made five books and then Youtube took them off the internet. :cries:

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Yes! :D I found the books on a forum, if i'm not wrong, but it was some years ago, so i don't remember well.
I found this italian forum when people could download the pdf file of the books, and there were a lot of them.
I started to read until the 7-8th book and then i stopped because i realize that in 7-8 books the story had different characters, different enemies, but  the story proceeded in the same way.
Anita lives her life, she meets a special person who falls in love with her, the evilish problem occures, the special person and Anita (with the help of Jean-Cloud) try to stop the evilish problem with a lot of wounds and blood, end.
When you read 7-8 books in a month, with this progression of the story, you get bored at certain point :dignity-laugh:
But i remember that i read them with pleasure until i got bored :D So if i should find them again, probably i would continue to read them Laugh Rainbow heart Rainbow heart Rainbow heart 

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A classmate told me something very similar about the later volumes. That over time the monster hunts and other plot lines become less and less important and Anita mainly has affairs with men. :|

And that up to volume twelve. :(

Always with the same pattern of action. :stare: :nuu:

I would probably get bored too.:sleep: rvmp

But I see it like you; the first books were exciting, lively and funny and it would definitely be worth to read them again!Free Baymax Icon

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Oh...i didn't know that at a certain point the plot is more focused on Anita's affairs... Well, i guess that we can call it "fan-service"onion head 'so what'   
I don't appriciate too much some erotic-romantic features in a book. Ok, well, maybe it's possible that i can read a book with a love story (it happend with "all souls trilogy" by Deborah Harkness -but some parts are a bit boring) but don't let it be the focus of the book! derp 
It's not a Harmony romance! It's a book about creatures of the night, blood, violence, mystic powers... Who cares if Anita prefers this or that and how tormented she is because it seems that every single man in the books looks like a perfect super model!Big Fool Emoji-23 (What) [V4]
When i read a book like this i expect battles, enemies, blood. Ok romance too, just to enreach the personality of the charatcers, but no more than this. A side story in the real story.
Anyway i started again to read the book number 8. Just for fun Dignity Laugh
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I can only wholeheartedly agree with you !!

In action books, romances all too quickly become slimy and unrealistic, the right measure is important! Uh Uh Uh

In addition, Anita is tough and, at least according to her characterization from the first volumes,(sorry for the language) not a slut who climbs into bed with every male individual who came over by chance.Angry Emoticon :(

Anyway, nice that you read the book again, so we can call our conversation a complete success.BillLA

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Absolutely! :D
And in this volume i read (Blue Moon, the 8th book), this situation is clear like the sun!
The focus is on her attracted by... everyone (and not because of a certain situation that happens in the book, because she is attracted by other two people before this situation i'm talking about!), while the story of the book is like a side story that ends very hastily and weakly.
But anyway i like those books because are easy to read and make me laugh Dignity Laugh
So, it's ok! Ok, Gaga 
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Wonderful work! :clap:

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Thank you so much!! :hug: :star:
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This is wonderful , the face features are excellent:hug:
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Thank you my friend! :hug:
I lost my sight for a while because of his face features Laugh , but it was worth it though! :D
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Well you do work hard on your art ! 
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Oh wow, how cool! ^_^ I'm not familiar with him, but he looks awesome~
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Thank you dear! :D :hug: Unfortunately those comics are not known around the world, i guess onion head 'so what' 
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Awww, you're so welcome!:hug: Haha, I suppose not...^^;
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Nooooooooooooooooooo, e bellissimo nel tuo stile.Sei troppo brava ..e....rubo.
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