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SCP - 023 (c) SCP Foundation
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temtembot|Student Artist
insanity wolf
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DoodleAuraChild|Hobbyist General Artist
*vibrates with excitement*
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DerpSansPro|Hobbyist General Artist
*high pitched screeching*
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Shanglon's avatar
Once of my favourite SCPs along with SCP-049 and SCP-682. Awesome job!
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Sanglethepiratefox's avatar
fun fact: if you look in its eyes you or you family either dies in a phew days to a phew hours
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C3ntip3d3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think phew of your brain cells got damaged
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HyperMedic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah ya... the black shuck
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esta bueno el dibujo ingles the draw is very good
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Sirius black in his wolf form
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BadgerHood12|Hobbyist Artist
there's a big difference between a meme and a SCP
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TheKindArtist|Hobbyist Filmographer
you looked at it? good job now either you or someone in your family will die by unknown means.
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flyingpiggles|Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know insanity wolf made it into SCP!
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DragonDestroyer143's avatar
Thank god I wasn't the only one who noticed
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DejaVuFlame|Student Traditional Artist
This artwork is amazing. Also, am I the only one who finds that this artwork makes SCP-023 look like Insanity Wolf from Animeme?
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98RudolphXmas's avatar
Scp 023 ist ein normaler wolf ?  
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ucantcmeh's avatar
its far from normal
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AmericaTheHero1337's avatar
[#023 Shuckpup](i.imgur.com/HbzSwUw.png)
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LazzyDawg17's avatar
Anybody still remember the animeme rap battle between courage wolf and insanity wolf?
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Midnight--Whisper|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I really love your art. It's a realistic art style, like the Off-White webcomic or something. :D
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stardustthesilverfox's avatar
wolves = epicness
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I thought it had rubber over it's eyes
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WolfSunSky|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Echo: * in her wolf form and growls back *
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