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Miley VS 811

For the contest from :iconallaboutscp811:

Art (c) :iconneutron-quasar:
SCP - 811 (c) SCP Foundation
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glazuki's avatar
tfw a mutated frog lady has a better butt than you
masscrusher500's avatar
811 any and everyday.
SansIsntReal's avatar
Who has the better ass? XD
lolismoke's avatar
I give...

Miley: 3
811: 10
Maniactheleader's avatar
Swiggity swooty i came for the booty :D
SCP-Rose's avatar
811 won! She's even prettier than that shit who dare call herself a singer
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
Also, is it ok if I make a meme with this?
AzideN3's avatar
This scp stuff...
Gettin kinda old...
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
What do you mean?
AzideN3's avatar
Just seeing so many people losing their shit over fake monsters just is just so fucking annoying.
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
You like SCP, don't you?
AzideN3's avatar
Not anymore, and I haven't for a while now. I'm in high school now and I don't want to be seen acting like some... KID on the internet who obsesses over bullshit stories.
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
Well then I sure as hell ain't letting you get even CLOSE to my gallery. All of my gallery is SCP related.
If you don't like something, don't even DARE to comment on it. It will make us all happy.
I wish not to be hostile with you. I just want you to think before you bash things that we love.
AzideN3's avatar
I don't take orders, so don't tell me what to do in your gallery. I don't live by many rules. I won't bother ye anymore, but it is kind of a death wish to try and tell ME what to do. 
schoolshooter's avatar
lmao stop acting like you're some tough guy on the internet. you already said you're in high school and you're bothering someone about their interests when your username is an exact reflection of that. deviantart gangsta? i think so.
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
Look, I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh with you.
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El-Drago-800's avatar
Hey Miley. When a green-skinned mutant swamp woman is better looking than you, you need to sort yourself out. X)
likeajon's avatar
yeah i think everybody takes 811 because she doesnt wear clothes
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