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Hi! My name is Maria but you can call me Markarian!

I like to draw and create things since I was a little kid.

My artistic skills are pretty various. I do digital and traditional art but I also make poseable art dolls which I love to photograph outside in nature. Sometimes I also do taxidermy that I mostly show on my instagram page. Next to my art I have a big interest in astronomy and

astro physics and I like to combine this interest with my art!

This Bio is still work in progress since I'm not very creative when talking about myself.

~ Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rave at close of day.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light! ~

Favourite Visual Artist
Daniel Radcliffe, Sarah Bernhardt, William Fichtner, Nicolas Cage, Bob Ross, Joko and Klaas, Herr Mauer, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Rowan Atkinson
Favourite Movies
Interstellar, IT 2017, The Martian, How to train your Dragon, The Great Gatsby, Titanic, Gonger, Harry Potter, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Tales from Earthsea, The Da Vinci Code - Sakrileg, Illuminati - Angels and Demons
Favourite TV Shows
Spongebob, The Last Airbender, Circus Halligalli, Hannibal, Mr. Bean, Stranger Things, Attack on Titan, Löwenzahn, Jimmy Neutron
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Wolfsheim (Peter Heppner), Gunship, Schiller, Depeche Mode, Lindsey Stirling, Hans Zimmer, Lady Gaga, Sia
Favourite Books
Our Universe
Favourite Games
Elite Dangerous, Genshin Impact, Sky: Children of the Light, Minecraft, Pokemon, Spore, Okami, SCP Containment Breach, Dog's Life, GTA V
It's been a few months since my first journal entry about this topic. If you don't know what is going on please read my first journal about this: SCP TRADEMARK SITUATION AND MY OWN SCP MERCH The situation didn't got better but worse. At first Andrej Duksin seemed to care about the negative outcome about the trademark and so he released a video claiming he would stop threatening SCP fans and even giving up the trademark. Obviously that didn't happen. He kept threatening other SCP merchandise creators and now even threatens the SCP Foundation itself! He demands to be administrator of the Russian branch of the SCP Foundation Wiki to use it as a
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I know I'm barely active here on deviantart but I still want to inform you guys about the current situation about the SCP Foundation. A russian guy named Andrey Duksin trademarked the SCP Foundation Logo. Duksin is the person behind the SCP artbooks. Back then when he announced to make artbooks, I wanted to contribute to them but I wasn't able to do this because I was really busy. Now I'm glad that I didn't wasted my time for such a greedy person. Andrey Duksin isn't making the profit for his artbooks how he probably wanted to. He said that he put a lot of money into the fandom and now he fears that he doesn't get his investments back. He spe
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I had to close my commissions because I currently work on several projects wich makes me having a shit ton of work to do so that I can't take any commissions at the moment. I also closed them because I need to make some important changes. In the future I'm going to take more for my commissions because I developed so much in making art dolls and put way more time into them. So please don't be upset when my commissions get more expensive. I think it's worth it because my stuff got much better I'm also want to make some changes to my page because it literally looks like a clusterfuck. And I'm sorry that I'm currently not so active here but new
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Uh, Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (

Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (


with SCP - 682 about kill people -w-

but i do like your drawing are Awesome!! ^w^

Hi! Are your commissions still closed? I would love to have an Amaterasu poseable figure! Okami is one of my favorite games and I think yours is the best representation available! :)

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. They were open for a while but it was on my Instagram page because I'm rarely on dA. I still have a few commission to finish before I can do the next. I actually planned to make more original characters or characters that I haven't done yet. Because I recently made another Amaterasu as a commission maybe you would be interested that I make Shiranui instead for you.

Also for future updates on my art dolls and commissions just take
a look on my instagram: @vantablackhole
Hey uhm, I think someone traced over your scp drawing…
What the heck? O.o Thanks for letting me know about this.