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Sierra Nevada

By neutrix
Sierra Nevada

Geocontrol + Vue

23+ Billion Polygons and an 80+ Hr render. Luckily Vue has the ability to resume renders (although it did mess up my indirect lightning). I took probably a couple of hours to setup the scene, until I started doing some renders. It was worth the wait!

I painted the ecosystem (which was pretty fun). What took the longest, besides the render, was probably getting the right distance with the camera to get a "realistic" shot.

Onto the next project!
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camera-buff's avatar
I'm simply blown away by this!
The realism is superb. 
Rinoa-Light-Leonhart's avatar
amazing view! I love colors)
Rawglor's avatar
Impressive. Very impressive.
Annanonyma's avatar
Oh, wow, the trees might be a little bit rough (difficult to say, though, since the siye of the drawing is rather small), but the mountain looks perfect to me!
Wilmsy's avatar
This is beautiful! I used to hike in those mountains ;) and I think you captured them perfectly! :love: Wonderful job- I love the touch of "fog" used over the trees in the valley! :heart:
Happy5art's avatar
Wow, I really thought this was a photo till I read the discription. Very impressive :D
ArtemisIceheartt's avatar
Wow. That is really good!
Andrea1981G's avatar
wonderful work, interesting how realistic it looks :)
This is absolutely amazing. 
EliteJohan's avatar
awesome, i love the framing you did with the trees! :dance:
KeeganWest's avatar
Looks amazing!! What part of it was made withe Geo-Control??
neutrix's avatar
Thanks! The main mountain was the one created in Geocontrol. I then imported a TIFF map (generated in Geocontrol) into Vue. I used a few other terrains as "fillers" to so I could place/paint the ecosystem exactly how I wanted it.
KeeganWest's avatar
Oh sweet! Sounds really good! I like your methodology!
kpep's avatar
Gorgeous scene! It make me feel small and in wonder - great job!
MSTRWAM's avatar
so fantastic! so realistic!
BizoneTheMighty's avatar
Absolutely stunning!Can you tell me the specs of the computer you rendered on,please?
neutrix's avatar
This was rendered with an i7-860 CPU with 8GB of RAM, that was back a year ago. I'm sure there's ways of improving the render time, and optimizing the image... need to work on that! :)
BizoneTheMighty's avatar
Thank you for reply.It's really important for me!
sistematicterror's avatar
VirtualZ's avatar
really amazing!
LeonardoThe5th's avatar
Wow, incredible 3D! Very realistic!!
Vamp0ra's avatar
Its so realistic I can smell the mountain air.;D
DTKinetic's avatar
This is as photorealistic as it can get, and 80 hours! :wow: It MUST have paid off!
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