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July 13, 2011
Neuron Spike Train by =neutrix "You can almost see the activity along the axon and the fire in the dendrites. Makes my brain frenzied just looking at it."
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Neuron Spike Train

Neuron Spike Train

or Action Potential

Neurons in action!

Tools used: ZBrush + 3dsmax + V-Ray + AE + Photoshop.
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Hello, I'm working in the faculty of Medecine of Paris Diderot.
One of our teachers asked me to build a little educational website based on Moodle with courses about neurology.
Your creation would be perfect as the frontpage cover.

Please, do you autorise us to use it this way ?

Here is a screenshot of this project that is just in its beginning. So you have an idea of the result.

Capture decran 2018-09-15 a 14.36.39 by lprevaut  

Of course, I won't let this image in the final version without your permission and the credit would be added on it.
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Yes, you have full authorization. As you mentioned, just add the proper credits (Billy Benavides / and you should be good to go.

Thanks for reaching out!
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Love this piece!!! I am hoping that you will give me permission to use this as part of a power point project I am working on about the nervous system. This would be ideal for the cover background, you will be credited of course. Please let me know if I can include it in my assignment. Thanks in advance!
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of course! Go right ahead :)

Thank you for taking the time to ask.
We would love to use it for a college project report. May we use it if we credit your work?
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Sure thing!

Just link me to: Billy Benavides | |

I'd love to use this for a web portal Im making for a neuroscience database. Let me know what I need to do to be able to use it as a (partial)background! Contact me at:
This is perfect for my high school lecture powerpoint theme. May I use it if I credit you?
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Woww!! Amazing!!Oops! Giggle Meow :3…

Here is our result!  thanks again for the incredible picture! It was a very enjoyable evening!
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Love your work!!
Is it okay, if I used your image on the poster of our school club? We are a non-profit student association in tend to help people find their true-self, by using HBDI (
(Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument )
BTW we are from Taiwan.
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Thank you!

And yes, you can use with no problems. The only I ask for is for a credit with my name and a link to my site (Billy Benavides /

Also, if it's not a problem, send me an image of the poster when it's finished. Would love to see how it comes out :)

Thank you so much! such a pleasure to reach you :)
I will send you the final work when it's done!
Hi I really like this picture, I hope you don't mind me using it for my facebook page! I'll make sure you get proper credit :) 
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Hello, can i use your image for my Facebook page ?
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can i use this image for free science magazine
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Of course! all I ask for is a credit, with my name and website (Billy Benavides /

Thanks for taking the time to contact me.
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thanks alot you can check  how it looks in the magazine cover.Its amazing will be out in 2 days
Neutrix, this is fine work--a bit like being on board a nano-probe inside the brain! I sent you a couple of emails yesterday (here and FB) asking permission to use this as a background for a personal networking card, but haven't heard back. I'm an educational psychologist. On the back of the card design, I have "Image courtesy of neutrix: the URL of this page." If this is OK with you, would you like me to use your full name instead of "neutrix," and would you prefer using your address? Thank you!
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And another one: Is it okay, if I used your image on the front page of my personal website? With link and credits of course.
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sure thing. I sent a reply to your note.
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