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Female Frisk

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Still I don´t know if Frisk is a Male or Female...
well, so many follower are agree with the female frisk.
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Theyre not genderless, their gender is up for speculation which are two entirely different, but easy to mix up things.

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She can sink ships with this hips. :D
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AHORA SI ES UN TRAPITO, 7w7 aunque los senos lo ahcen ver 10 años mas joven, krusty

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Lord oxword had a boner XD
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I really like your art style :3
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Frisk looks really sexy
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why does everyone make female frisk look like a slut?
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well, the answer could be "because this is internet and here we can do whatever we want"

but in my case, i think frisk looks like a character with an ambiguous gender, that's could be the cause of the sexualization of he/her.

i draw her in a sexy style just for add a little of sex appeal, AND because i'm really bad for draw male characters.

i hope you have a nice week :wave:
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Wasn’t frisk female to begin with?
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Nope. Toby Fox intentionally left Frisk genderless, and characters in the game even use they/them pronouns for Frisk. Toby did say the gender was up for interpretation, though, but many like to use the fact that Frisk is genderless as evidence of them canonically being agender/non-binary.
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Male Chara ; Female Frisk is beautiful. Oh yes.
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Brock: *Sees Female Frisk starts to fall inlove* A hot girl!!... You're so beautiful and hot
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Female frisk : oh my! Thx! '\\\\\w\\\\\'
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Ben 10: It's hero time!
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Ben 10: hey Samus what's up with her?
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