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The Blue Eliza

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Okay I’m REALLY emotional about this but I was absolutely DEVASTATED when I learned that in the original cartoon, the blue aardvark was supposed to be… MALE in our dub, AKA the only canon I will EVER accept, they had given the part to a great female voice actor and the adapted script made it unambiguously clear that she was a woman, even giving her a name (unlike the English original where he she is just “the aardvark”) - BLUE ELIZA. Not changing the footage, mind you, no redrawing her or changing her behaviour to make her more “feminine” in the way cartoons treat anthropomorphic female animals, or female characters in general. Still the exact same hijinks, still the same awful, grumpy, sarcastic, sloppy personality, a character who wants to messily vacuum up a smaller sentient creature as a snack while both parties exchange snarky, superficially polite and sophisticated banter. As a tiny little kid, I thought that was the coolest shit ever, and it is easily my favorite “old”
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Worked even better than I expected! Feared the triangles would be too visible, but it's about as smooth as I hoped, plus I'm gonna put a lot of paint on it, I think. original model: prints:
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SPOLIERS ahead, but a fairly pleasant twist in ‘She-Ra’ (which everyone but me probably saw coming from miles away) is how it turns out Hordak is actually just an older, more emo version of Catra: a spiteful, emotionally stunted trash-baby loser. It’s fitting how Catra of all people starts openly mocking him and calling him out on his crippeling social anxiety. For a long time, we assumed that he was just a pure, inexplicable eldritch evil, some sort of two-dimensional Sauron, just evilly sitting in his evil castle all day bleeding evil into the world. By season 3, it is revealed Hordak is actually a reject clone from a gig
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Heya and thanks a huge lot for the Watch+!

I hope you'll stick around for more art to come, including crazy monsters, loony abominations and wonky robots from my wacky world of Posterra as well as Lovecraftian gods and beings that I render sometimes for my Atlas of Cosmic Horror Project! :)

Your models rock!

Thanks for the favourite!

thank you for all the favorites ^_^

Thanks for the fav, watch me for more stuff.:D (Big Grin) 
Hi I hope your well. i just wanted to say i hope you have a awesome birthday so i just want to say this. but i did not know what else to say. but i wanted to wish you a great birthday,

i wish you a very Happy birthday I hope you get every thing you want and would like. I hope your well. I hope your friends and family will remember this very special day of your birth. I hope your in good health and have a merry spirits. I wish you a joyful day and I hope your day goes well and enjoy it to the full max. I look forward to hearing all about it soon. I hope your well too., Bye for now from DANNY 

ps. All so have a nice weekend and a nice day and relaxing evening I hope your Christmas went well. i hope it was good one to remember. i hope you enjoyed 2018 i wish you a awesome Happy new year. To you. I wish you all the best for and all of 19 and beyond I wish you the best for the future have a nice winter too. and i hope you did enjoyed your Halloween if your into that sort of thing I am totally in lol i hope you had a very nice valentines and i hope the family is well. i also hope you had a nice Easter too. and a nice summer as well as a good fall. i hope you have a awesome end of 2019 and i hope it goes brilliant for you 2018 was a bit of disappointment for me so i hope 2019 will be the best yet and i hope it goes great. have a great day have a nice day and nice evening and nice weekend thanks again best wishes and high regards danny
Thank you very much, I think that covers a lot of ground :D
I was in fact a bit anxious about turning 30, but really, it's not so bad - especially now with that big wave of positive energy !
Sorry if I'm not interacting so much, that's just how I am.

All the best to you as well.