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I follow SFFH (science fiction/fantasy + a little horror) so that's what's gonna be listed here. Generally speaking markets here are ones I'm planning to send stuff to, or in a few rare cases ones I've been/will be published in. There are plenty of comprehensive listings...I don't think the world needs another.

Most of these take a range of word counts. Some of the established markets take both prose and poetry. READ BEFORE SUBMITTING I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH

It is considered unprofessional to:

  1. respond to a form rejection with anything beyond a 'thank you for your time' (note, it is much better to not respond at all)

  2. respond to a personal rejection with an unsolicited rewrite (although not the end of the universe to ask if they'd like to see one - just be prepared they may not respond)

  3. send in something that is currently available online - and yes, posting to DA counts as using up first publication rights

  4. expect editors/writers to make an exception for you unless they explicitly have categories they make exceptions for, e.g. disability

In general what I have to say about short fiction is here (+ more specifically about rejection), if you have questions ask away! I'm trying to pay forward what I learned here from listening to the pro-level writers who used to hang around da - I don't think I'm the last one, but I'm closer to it than I'd like v:

ANYWAY I'll put ** by anything that is not pro rate as defined by SFWA, 8c per word (there's some kind of flat rate for poetry) - or for horror, 5c per word

*Note that anything you post on da which you're thinking to send out - you should a) make it login to view and b) prepare to change the first 30-odd words and c) take it down when you finally start submitting (courtesy!)*


See above point about keeping stuff hidden - I also very very strongly recommend editing before you send anything out - some flash markets:

  1. Flash Fiction Online - 1st-21st of every month https://ffo.submittable.com/submit

  2. Daily Science Fiction (despite the name, they take all speculative genres) - dailysciencefiction.com/

  3. 🎈Pseudopod (horror) flash fiction contest - 500 words or less - submit between August 10-31. I really recommend entering these for the feedback, the entries are posted in a private forum and voted on https://pseudopod.org/submissions/submissions-schedule/

Note that some of the markets below are also open to flash.

🎇holy crap it's an actual calendar - looks like the dates displayed are CLOSING not OPENING


  1. ✨Submit your story to be read by LeVar Burton - August 1-31 https://www.fiyahlitmag.com/levar-burton-reads-origins-encounters-writing-contest/ (note they're not planning to grab rights from anyone who doesn't win)

  2. ✨Life Beyond Us - 2 slots open to unsolicited stories - July 1-August 20 https://laksamedia.moksha.io/publication/european-astrobiology-institute-presents-life-beyond-us/guidelines

  3. ✨Diabolical Plots will be opening the 1st two weeks of August to speculative fiction under 3,500 words https://www.diabolicalplots.com/guidelines/

  4. Augur Magazine is open for July - 1st week for marginalized Canadians, rest of the month for everyone http://www.augurmag.com/submissions/

  5. Podcastle is open for July https://podcastle.org/guidelines/

  6. ✨Updated 7/26 - Angie Penrose's anthology list (free to view) https://www.patreon.com/posts/53831928

  7. Clarkesworld is always open. I think the editor likes clean prose. That is as specific as I can describe it. http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/submissions/

  8. Fantasy Magazine opens every month from the 1st-7th to flash, short stories, and poetry (1 active submission per category) https://adamant.moksha.io/publication/fantasy

  9. Fantasy & Science Fiction is open with new slushers and editor! If she's anything like the previous one, make sure your endings are tight, OMG. https://fandsf.com

  10. Reckoning is open until September 22 for Issue 6 - creative writing (fiction & nonfiction) as well as art re: environmental justice. Slow response times given the length of the open period, but they strongly trend towards personal rejections. https://reckoning.press/submit/

  11. SFWA blog takes article pitches, if you've got a short essay idea - can be either craft or SFF-related. Editor is awesome to work with on refining the piece, so don't be shy https://www.sfwa.org/blogs/sfwa-blog/

  12. 👻The Deadlands - new publication - open indefinitely https://thedeadlands.com/guidelines


Length varies, so be sure to check - I've seen anywhere between 12K and 40K. Novella markets more often allow simsubs (simultaneous submissions; the ability to send to multiple markets at the same time), but make sure to read the guidelines before doing that.

  1. Neon Hemlock - limited window June 5-19, full window Oct 2-16 https://www.neonhemlock.com/submissions

  2. Queen of Swords - June 15-August 15 https://queenofswordspress.com/about-queen-of-swords-press/submissions/

  3. ✨ Bleeding Edge Books - July 1-??? https://www.bleedingedgepub.com/submissions

Opportunities for specific groups

  1. Black/African diaspora: FIYAH https://www.fiyahlitmag.com

  2. Brazilian resident/diaspora: Eita https://www.eitamagazine.com/

  3. ✨Immigrant/diaspora: khōréō https://www.khoreomag.com/submissions/ - open quarterly; currently for a special FOOD themed issue

  4. Irish speculative fiction https://www.neonhemlock.com/opulent-syntax - rolling deadline so the sooner you submit the better

Reprint Markets

If you post something that's publicly accessible online, either on da/blog/etc, this means you've used up first electronic & first publication rights (rule of thumb: if it's discoverable through search, it's used), so most markets will not take the piece as an original. BUT! You can still potentially sell a reprint. Reprint pay is generally much lower, and it tends to be more semi-pro markets that are willing to take them in the first place, indicated here with a *. (I'm not too invested in reprints, so this will never be a very comprehensive list.)

  1. Escape Artists podcasts https://escapeartists.moksha.io/

  2. Fusion Fragment* http://www.fusionfragment.com/

  3. The Future Fire* http://futurefire.net/guidelines/index.html

WRITER BEWARE (note, SFWA puts out a free newsletter with this information! Writers Beware. Submissions Grinder also displays notes above market listings, and the Diabolical Plots Twitter will expound on his findings.)

  1. Unreal/Unfit - anything associated with Longshot Press - they doxxed someone on Twitter and all around are dickheads. 25c/word *for the first 1000 words* is a great way to lure in people.

  2. Kahini Quarterly - not nearly as egregious, but there's some weird shit around their pay scale, the details keep changing.

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Oh geez. Like a f**ing treasure map. Good post!

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Nice! Some stuff I hadn't come across here. Thanks for sharing!