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Update 2/28: mobile Eclipse is literally so broken I turned it off, I'll see desktop about once a month v:

For you lit people, I poked the HTML a little and good news, the lit preview text is still being generated. (Fun fact that has always been true though, those words are public regardless of your sharing status on the rest of the piece. Change the beginning if you submit stuff! Poets, you're a bit fucked on this one.)

Things I will be pushing for on every update:

1. Stash Writer Journal/lit editor including Stash Writer functionality
2. Storage (Manage Deviations) - know it'll exist, but where?
3. Being able to delete notifications as you're viewing them ("Remove from notifications")
4. Gallery stats - comments/favorites?
5. Finding group messages is unintuitive

They pretty clearly didn't go live with appropriately formatted CSS on journals/lit, I've had thoughts on that below but I cannot imagine they're going to leave it as is.


By now unless you've been living in the real world you know da is updating massively (I suspect they've scrapped most of the existing code and started fresh) and this update is called Eclipse.

I mainly use this site on mobile, as there's no mobile Eclipse I have fewer thoughts than I might otherwise. Obviously the entire literature situation is janky as fuck and it's not thrilling that this was considered acceptable for the "beta" (ok seriously this isn't a beta, it's like...QA and if I were a developer I'd be pissed about having to call it a beta as that implies a near finished product).

(And speaking of how this is more QA than beta: QA is a paid job, I'm not being paid, ergo I'm not testing bugs that would be obvious from following a script as simple as "reply to x".)

But in, fuck profile customizations. At least to the extent which they were previously allowed. Yes a custom "personal comment" box (support thumbcodes, wysiwyg) would be valuable but lord jesus try browsing some of those super long profiles on a phone. And don't start me on trying to get through low contrast or tiny font journals. I do not, will not, squint.

I know there's writers who are mad because they don't make art so the new profile isn't as pretty...well, fucking learn. The people whose art you've used in the past figured it out. Alternately, commission an artist.

And ok yes there's a discount Facebook vibe but here's the thing: Facebook got a lot of shit right originally about how a profile should look. Definitely needs more functionality here (seriously, you can drag and crop cover images on Facebook) but it's a much needed 21st century overhaul.

Also the gallery tree...yes please. I was involved with the lit gallery updates, and in retrospect, that thing is more out of control than a random forest on 800+ dimensions. (There's your personal update!)

That said, aside from the lit thumbnails and general lit display, there are a few things I'm Not Amused about:

1. Storage, where is my fucking storage
2. Stash writer or bust
3. I need statistiiiiics
4. Don't put Popular 24H on all of my pages. I'm an adult who has NO DESIRE to see what horny shut in teens are jerking off to, especially when it's anatomically incorrect and generally female T&A, and let's be real on this site it's likely to be some kind of objectifying fetish. Yes that shit has a right to exist. I also have a right to not be forced to promote it (and I'll be deleting everything if the hand curation doesn't take care of it, if you've stalked me long enough you know that's the kind of thing that doesn't bother me to do).

As a reminder if any of this shit also annoys you or whatever, USE THE OFFICIAL CHANNELS TO REPORT IT TO STAFF. Don't be a fuckwit and just bitch about it to anyone else or, worse, blame volunteers for this.
Update: I submitted a comment that basically boiled down to "Africans are lower IQ than Europeans" (exact text not quoted so it can't be searched) to Help Desk and was told this isn't a violation of current policy. I've been told that the exact text of this policy isn't available, but the etiquette policy, which is, explicitly states:

"We must insist that you refrain from comments which are racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion. In addition we ask that our members avoid making offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference and that you do not make any remark, comment or critique which is intended to be a direct insult to an individual, group, or genre of artwork. Hate propaganda is met with zero tolerance. Comments which are overly aggressive, personally insulting or needlessly abusive are also prohibited."

What the actual shit, Wix. Delete this part of the etiquette policy at the very fucking least. I'm not impressed by the lack of transparency around the policy in general, although it is more consistent with other large social media sites.


If you poke around in the forums - even Help With Life - you don't have to look that far to find someone saying something that is objectively bigoted.

But - and this is the reason I took the original journal down - it's much harder to say if da sees this as a problem. For a first offense, they're not going to ban, they're going to warn, so there might be more going on than what we see, and there's also things like suspensions, etc. which are again not obvious.

That said, there are a few things da (as in, the highest level staff, so Wix admins now) hasn't done, which makes me continue to be reluctant to support their operations financially (although most of the community is kicking a lot of ass so I'll happily futz around with you all).

A. Make reporting easier. It's easy to report a journal/deviation so clearly overwhelming the Help Desk is not that much of an issue. I don't care if it takes three months to get a response, but you shouldn't have to click and backtrack through 18 random ass help desk pages to report someone who has anti Semitic imagery on their front page or is posting unironically about wanting a "final solution".

--> Tried the new HD, it actively (maybe unintentionally, maybe not) discourages reporting of generic hate speech. I ignored the guidelines and put in a report, we'll see what happens.
--> Got back a response asking me to report the comment as spam, except you can only do that on a thread that isn't yours if you're a CV so...ooops? :slow:

B. If they can't keep an eye on it (really applies to forums), shut it down. There are a billion fucking places to have conversations, all that's happening is removing one venue that makes it easy to promote crap. (Apparently /pol/ landed on Politics a while ago so that's when that started.)

C. Drop the "we're inclusive and friendly" line and embrace being a free for all. By far the easiest option. I'd have way less of a problem with running into someone who thinks trans people are a bunch of mentally ill sinners, if there wasn't a bit in the Etiquette Policy/ToS that makes this sound like it's against da's rules. No idea what the org chart looks like now, but someone is consciously directing the message and if they are choosing not to put in the legwork to make it true, they shouldn't be sending that message.

(My personal take is that you have the right to say shitty things and I have the right to tear you down on it, but this doesn't apply to particular websites if the owners don't want it to. You don't see that one fake "free speech" Twitter ripoff reaching out to radicals across the board.)

This all aside, users deserve a ton of credit for jumping on the shitheads when you see them. If someone's being an asshole, they should be called out on it right then and there. Because hey, that's also free speech. :)