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Published short speculative fiction and nonfiction essays. links in status updates. if you liked my advice journals, check out the SFWA blog

✨getting ready to submit? feel free to note me for feedback! (you're best off uploading to a Google drive or other private repository that allows comments but doesn't expose to search engines) ✨ NOTE: I'm not really keeping this so up to date, but I do have sources for open markets. Join the CRLiterature Discord if you want to ask me about them. If you have sold at least $100 of speculative fiction to any market including self-published, or participated in a writing workshop, note me & I can connect you to the writers' forum I use for this stuff. ALSO NOTE: check Writer Beware before submitting to stuff I follow SFFH (science fiction/fantasy + a little horror) so that's what's gonna be listed here. Generally speaking markets here are ones I'm planning to send stuff to, or in a few rare cases ones I've been/will be published in. There are plenty of comprehensive listings...I don't think the world needs another. Most of these take a range of word counts. Some of the established
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A Nazi bar with a little sign in the corner that says "no Nazis allowed!" that someone has scribbled a backwards swastika over. So last month (literally May 2) I sent this report to the DA HelpDesk: Subject: "people in the comments of this thread are talking about murdering trans people. Great job guys" Text: [link to thread] The response: Thanks for reaching out! Our moderation team would be happy to take a look at the situation, however we will need a direct link to the commentary in question. You can get a direct link to the forum comment by clicking on the comment's timestamp. This will open it in a new tab and allow you to copy and paste the direct link into this ticket. --- OK, so. I figured I'd play along, after all I was a bit rude in the original subject. I provided a link to that specific comment and then a few others which I noted contradict the posted Etiquette Policy, under the Don't post hateful content section that mentions gender identity explicitly. As
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I'm shocked, shocked I tell you
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