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Published short speculative fiction and nonfiction essays. links in status updates. if you liked my advice journals, check out the SFWA blog


✨getting ready to submit? feel free to note me for feedback! (you're best off uploading to a Google drive or other private repository that allows comments but doesn't expose to search engines) ✨ NOTE: I'm not really keeping this so up to date but I do RT a lot of writing stuff on my Twitter. Ping me if you want to connect there, or join the CRLiterature Discord. (I have both apps on my phone so it doesn't matter which.) If you have at least one pro SFF sale, note me & I can connect you to a writers' forum. ALSO NOTE: check Writer Beware before submitting to stuff I follow SFFH (science fiction/fantasy + a little horror) so that's what's gonna be listed here. Generally speaking markets here are ones I'm planning to send stuff to, or in a few rare cases ones I've been/will be published in. There are plenty of comprehensive listings...I don't think the world needs another. Most of these take a range of word counts. Some of the established markets take both prose and poetry. READ
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this is only going to be of interest if you write speculative fiction/poetry - anyway yes I am a pretty online socialization person and one of the things stopping me from really cutting back on DA was a lack of other places to talk to creatives (well, mostly writers, writers are very chatty haha) I have them. anyway first I joined a writers' meetup group, and then someone there told me about this which has relatively relaxed membership requirements (basically one 'pro' sale) & is free to join, but then I felt like I should maybe give back to the community if I'm going to get money from writing so I did up and join SFWA, and...yeah. I'm good. It's fine that DA doesn't want to go in a community-oriented direction, but I'm not going to force it here when there are viable alternatives. Note: SFWA just updated the membership requirements, Associate is much more attainable than it was previously, check it out:
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