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Well, here's some shit. Sassy commentary welcomed and encouraged.

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Some things that were drawn for me. Give these people a look-see.


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90,000+ pieces of actually good art from other people who deserve your attention.


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Jack MacLennan
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I'm an atheist, Irish American, officially licensed dickhead who draws comics and shit about horrible things happening to people who are probably crazy.
I'm also likely one of the most outwardly cynical people you will ever meet.
Have a nice day. Or have a shitty day if you feel like it, don't let me tell you what to do.

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Stuff I Like.

Video Games that aren't shitty.
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Rick and Morty, but not in a weird way.
Monster Hunter.

Stuff I hate.

Shitty stuff.
Shitty people.

Tools: Tursion Tablet
Photoshop CS6
Paint Tool SAI
Corel Painter X3
Manga Studio EX5
Good old Pen, paper and procrastination.

I'm like, 90% self taught. I've taken one art class, ever. Like two years ago. When I still sucked.

On that note, welcome to my page. The gallery is over to the left, for the viewing pleasure of your eye-holes. Feel free to leave a comment while you're there if you see anything you like, and I'll try my best to come up with a snarky response. Any and all unconstructive negative feedback will be ignored with the most burning apathy my shriveled soul can conjure.

Also, don't thank me for faves by sending me notes. My notes are for friends and/or people who want to make requests/trades/conversation,etc. only. Just leave a comment or give a llama or something.


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TL,DR Version: An eldermost, incorporeal consciousness known as Tsoaberroth or The Nightmare arbitrates reality by dreaming it into being, manifesting to those within it as overpowering mental static and mind-flaying noise. In the disastrous aftermath of its discovery, people find that they can perform parlor tricks so good that they fool the universe into making them real, manipulating The Nightmare's deliberate but blind creative and definitive powers with their power of their minds. Bad stuff ensued, and now nobody, save for one person, knows how to use magic anymore.

Long Version:
In times immemorial, Q'uroshi seers studying the properties of celestial bodies noted a disquieting pattern in the movements of the stars that suggested to them the presence of some greater being. It seemed to them that the universe itself was alive. Seeking answers, they turned their attention to the roiling, empty void of the cosmos. While they scried on the blackness, in their dreams, they detected a droning, incessant cacophony; a chorus of sounds unfit to fall upon mortal ears. Garbled tittering, muffled by madness and filtered through the tarry and bubbling emptiness of space, flooded into their minds and threatened to destroy them, devouring and replacing every thought in their skulls they had, until the noise was all that remained. Uttering this inhuman cry into the world, the Dreamseers' maddened screams twisted reality around themselves, and coalesced monstrous beings of preposterous form, born from the aberrant, impronouncable wailing of the broken augurs.

In the aftermath of this horrible discovery, the surviving cabalists were, though shaken to their core, elated that their theory held true. They had discovered and made contact with their supposed Great One, the nature of which the Dreamseer's fateful encounter with had, though unwittingly, revealed a great deal. Dubbing this presence Tsoaberroth, but generally referring to it as The Nightmare, they determined, through the display of its power, this dreadful, slumbering being permeated the infinite cosmos, and by its unknowable and arbitrary whim determined the properties of reality, its influence being emitted in the form of the cacophony that destroyed its discoverers. Though host to godlike power, The Nightmare, they theorized, was mindless, and made no decisions of its own as to what its power caused to occur, though it was still ultimately responsible for the laws of the universe being the way they are.
Furthermore, one of their number realized, that, though in the case of the seers, there were dire consequences, sentient lifeforms such as the Reyguin were capable of warping The Nightmare's reality, as their minds could, if exposed to its power, overwrite the idiot god's arbitrations, tricking the creature into believing their wills were its own.

His compatriots believed meddling with such power would be far too dangerous for them, so he developed his new craft in secret. Upon learning of his activities, they confronted him and attempted to slay their erstwhile ally. They were, however, far too late, as, though rudimentary, he had perfected his theory. He dubbed this new practice Thaumaturgy, and became the very first in what would soon become a long line of Mages. The cabalists were destroyed by their better in short order, as he conjured stars and consumed their bodies with stellar plasma. He would go on to spread his teachings to the waiting world, sparking an era of magic, which was notorious for its cutthroat nature. Believing The Nightmare to be the living will of the cosmos itself, more powerful mages considered themselves ultimately more important to the universe. Subterfuge, espionage, and murder were commonplace, and in fact, the first mage himself would be assassinated by one of his peers not more than 20 years after gifting the world with his power.

Nowadays, though the Nightmare is still fully alive, and its power able to be wielded, the ancient art of thaumaturgy has been lost to time, after the apparent collapse or disappearance of the civilization that first discovered it. Though relics from their time, many still functional, are occasionally discovered, there is only one individual known who still practices sorcery. 
Got a new computer recently, and have been busy transferring my comic files and other WIP art over to it, hence the pause in updates this last week or so. Shoot me a note if I owed you art so I can get those done.
We're doing art trades again! It has been quite a long time since I opened trades, and I feel I've not been engaging with my more loyal followers quite as much as I should, as of late. Note me and/or leave a comment on this post if you are interested in partaking.
If you ever wanted a way to propel money at my face in a way other than in wads, out of a t-shirt cannon, there is now a much simpler, less painful way to do it! The t-shirt cannon method would also be acceptable. If you also want me to draw stuff for you, this is also a good way to get that to happen, though I will also be taking proper commissions here, shortly!

I will also be setting up similar ventures for all you Pathfinder players out there, or aficionados of NSFW art out there, (which don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive), if that tickles your fancy. More details on that in the next couple weeks. :D

My Brand-Spankin' New Patreon


Exorcist - Drogan Vastro (WIP, Design Updated)
WIP of the full body of Drogan's old-new armor, and reshaped Baskerville. Abilities largely the same. Can telekinetically control his own blood, and wields an ostensibly living, highly aggressive weapon that drives spikes into anything it touches.
Shade (Chapter 2 Page 107)
Page might look weird, as it was colored away from home, using a television as a monitor.

Previous Page: Shade (Chapter 2 Page 106)
Pathfinder Monster (Rot Dragon)
Rot Dragons are a variety of carnal dragon, dragons attuned to aspects of the flesh, caught in the tangle of life and death. Though frequently mistaken for zombies, these unfortunate creatures are very much alive, and aware of their putrefaction. Their draconic ego leads them, however, to see others (particularly other dragons) as inferior to themselves, citing their rotting form as a point of superiority. Condescending and vicious, Rot Dragons seek to bestow their gangrenous state upon all living things they encounter, seeing it as a gift. To that end, they exude an aura of decay, and are capable of breathing a putrid gale of black mold and effluvium that rots straight through rock, metal, and flesh alike.
Pathfinder Monster (Death Dragon)
Along with their positive-energy equivalent, Death Dragons are the pinnacle of the Carnal Dragons, dragons attuned to aspects of the flesh, representing half of the conflict from which the lesser Carnal Dragons are born. Universally feared, but rarely seen outside of the Outer Planes, Death Dragons feed on the vital essence of all living things; often times, this hunger leads then to ravage the planes of outsiders born from mortal souls, absorbing the life-force of angels, demons, devils, and more with equal zeal. They turn this absorbed essence into a weapon against those who oppose them, releasing a phantasmal gyre of souls it has consumed, or devouring the souls of its opponents itself, adding them to the vortex. Death dragons, though vicious and unquestionably evil, are not cruel beings, facing adversaries with a cold, detached attitude, treating any opponent with equal apathy, whether a Celestial General or a human child. Ultimately, the activity of Death Dragons is vital to maintaining interplanar balance despite the local or even planar devastation they may cause. They are mostly given free rein by deities or other powers that monitor their actions; some, however, overstep their bounds and have to be destroyed. Despite lacking wings, they are fully capable of flight.
Pathfinder Monster (Bone Dragon)
Bone dragons are a variety of Carnal Dragon, dragons attuned to aspects of the flesh, caught in the tangle of life and death. Well versed in the vile art of necromancy, and carrying a deep reservoir of negative energy within their hearts, these twin-headed dragons are often mistaken for undead. Despite their appearance, they are fully alive, and the bones that adorn their bodies are not their own. The grand wellspring of necrotic power that exists within a Bone Dragon rots its scales and skin from within, so they armor themselves in the bones of other beings, especially those of other dragons. Eventually this armor deteriorates as well, or is outgrown by its wearer, so these dragons constantly seek new skeletons to don to defend themselves. The growing crystals of negative energy that creep from its back as it ages eventually overtake its wings and rot them off, but ultimately serve a greater purpose, both allowing a Bone Dragon to fly on accursed winds, but also serving as a lure for its favored prey; silver dragons that would seek its destruction. Both heads employ a deadly ray of life-freezing negative energy when in combat with creatures that prove too formidable for its minions to overtake.




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