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Lady of Twilight, Redux by NeuroticNarwhal Lady of Twilight, Redux :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0
Lady of Twilight
What fey and eldritch powers she commands,
The Raven Queen's fury personified;
While sylvan creatures flock where'er she stands,
What men have dared insult her have all cried:
They're flayed alive-- such fools she won't abide.
In truth, her charms are quite unparalleled.
If any doubt her beauty, they have lied.
By her voice, all bestial discord is quelled.
Beneath her grace and magic, men are spelled
And lured into her faerie otherworld
A realm where fools and kings alike are felled
By skin pale, eyes deep, rose lips; hair dark, curled.
O goddess, fair, of passion and woodlands,
Embrace this eager fool with tender hands.
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 1 0
She Who Snared My Heart 007
A vicious cherub;
Coy, florid, lovely, ardent:
She who snared my heart.
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 1 0
The Long-Term Effects of Exposure to Sunshine
The Long-Term Effects of Exposure to Sunshine
The time called dusk is a sweet reminder
As the ebbing sun bathes the world in gold
And fragrances of sun-warmed flowers
Waft past, an olfactory procession
I stand in awe of the glory and warmth
Basking in this blissful serenity
I am tenderly reminded of you
Your light, my sunshine, brightens ev'rything
Your playful kindness and gentle nature
Enfold me willingly and give me hope
While I'm not at your side I ache to feel
This sunny warmth: of you held in my arms
Your gentle heart is striving so brightly
I hope you sense my harmony with you
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 2 0
sketchy portrait by NeuroticNarwhal sketchy portrait :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0 Head and Face practice by NeuroticNarwhal Head and Face practice :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0 Cologne bottle by NeuroticNarwhal Cologne bottle :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0 Shaving brush by NeuroticNarwhal Shaving brush :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 2 0
She Who Snared My Heart 006
Anxieties fade
at her gentle attentions--
She who snared my heart.
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 1 0
Love... where art thou?
After some tumultuous events, I've decided to actually use this blog. Essentially, the girl I loved (despite our differences), and who had made assurances of fidelity, love, and affection to me, broke up with me in no uncertain terms a short while ago. Of course, she claimed I was a great guy (in fact, she maintained in the initial break up email that I was the perfect guy for her, and even signed her break up email with the valediction 'all my love'), and that the only reason for the breakup was the fact that it was a long-distance relationship. However... it seems clear that there must have been more, and so my self-esteem has been  shot to hell as I attempt to know what it was about me that meant I wasn't worthwhile to her after all; my appearance, my personality, etc.
I think grief of losing such a connection comes in waves; this is the second devastating breakup that I've had, and in both cases the indignation and anguish came and went as they pleased. When I thought I w
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 2
Haiku 22
A dream is sundered;
hopes are dashed. Fears ripen for
a bitter harvest.
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 1
Haiku 21
The hardest part seems
to be having to deal with
oneself in the end
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 1
Haiku 20
Respect is tough to
come by, but it hurts to think
you have none for me.
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0
Haiku 19
Having to wonder
if you actually care:
such a bitter gall
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 0 0
I Dream of Empathy
I Dream of Empathy
(1st five lines are a prelude, to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down)
Mem'ries drifting in my head
In my head
Mem'ries drifting in my head
All but de-ad.
I know I must console
My pensive, sorrowed soul
Yet feel my crying grow
I gleaned the truth, and sensed
Mock ardor as you tensed
But thought I could not know
Self-deceit is, I see,
A welcome fallacy;
Though that much I've now learned
Detritus lingers till
I process times when, still
Ingenuous, I'd yearned
They were all genuine,
My words shared from within
You held my willing heart
And I held yours, I thought
A simple fact I've caught:
I can't remember when
You last told me that you
Loved me, and it felt true
I go back to the start,
To review that long while
The words, gestures; each smile
But can't remember when
I see those vibrant eyes
Juxtaposed with your lies
Dichotomy appears
Such verdant constancy
With inconsistency
The words kindled my fears
Before you were so fair
Yet now you hardly car
:iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 1 2
Perverse Freedoms' Seductions by NeuroticNarwhal Perverse Freedoms' Seductions :iconneuroticnarwhal:NeuroticNarwhal 1 2

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Summer is here once again, so I may actually get around to post stuff, if I actually find any inspiration.

My love life is... extremely complicated, right now. More or less, I don't know what I want, and even if I did, I don't know that I'd can bring myself to trust another person so much right now. Someone has confessed to me, recently, but... there's a history and relationship in play with them that means I view her more as a close friend than a potential partner. I've tried to open myself up to the possibility, but... it's like forcing a puzzle piece into someplace it doesn't belong. It just doesn't feel right. I keep wondering if maybe it's just bad timing; part of me thinks that's the case, but I suppose I can't know for sure.

I've also been feeling like I don't have that much to offer in a relationship, given that:

A.) I'm a poor student, not some rich guy.


B.) I'm more or less asexual.

The latter has some nuances; it's more like demisexual, and is caused by dysphoria of such a nature that means it will likely never be resolved.

I'm psyched for The Dark Knight Rises, later this summer, and... not a whole lot else to say. I need to invest in a new notebook, though, since I've filled up my most recent one with ramblings and notes to myself; I'll have to dedicate this new one to poetry and whatever prose concepts occur to me on-the-go.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer, of both poetry and prose.
I'm also currently suffering from a longstanding writer's block, despite my best efforts.

Favourite genre of music: Any variant of rock; classical; some jazz.
Favourite style of art: Written word; realistic anime-style art.
Skin of choice: ... human? No! Don't graft pig skin onto me! Arrrgh!
Favourite cartoon character: Kano of Kagerou. And for you sticklers, I like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.
Personal Quote: A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others! - The Marquis de Sade


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