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snow 001 -- take 3...

Snow: Reflections on Desire and Depravity

“…a daughter of the coven will be her undoing.”

Once upon a time there was a land bound by winter, a land where bloodstains of the deepest scarlet and ravens' feathers, of the blackest ebony, are fallen on snow of the purest white. Oh, you think you’ve heard this story before, somewhere? So how come the mirrors in the castle are refusing reflections? What is that howling noise out there in the darkness? Who has commanded the release of the Seven? And why is the Queen so disturbed?

Snow is a dark and witty exploration of decadence challenged by duty. Building on a subversive deconstruction of classic themes, it’s a sensuous and disturbing story that rips the meat from the bones of what you know, right down to the last bloody scraps.

script: the talented WELSH author Richard McAuliffe aka ~WelshBluemeanie
artwork: me-me-me !!
editor/letterer: the amazing Nichola Wilkinson

Snow is a long length comic project I would draw for Insomnia Publications before it all went to hell.
We don't want to give up on this project though, so we're already looking for a new publisher. Hopefully will have more news soon !!

This is the first page, one more and hopefully last attempt. They do say third one is a charm, don't they ?!
Seriously now, I felt as if I had to re-draw it, as well as I will redraw the other pages- because the whole comic will be done in a totally different technique than the one I had in mind a year ago when I first started the project.
Anyway... enjoy !!

first attempt:
mmm I must have erased it...

second attempt

second attempt edited
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Beautiful. This makes me think of "Flee the Greywood"
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see ?!!? that project should be MINE MINE MINE !!!!!!!!!!! :crying:
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Once your schedule clears up, we'll see what's available. ;)
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Oh my god the colouuurssss! So beautiful :D
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how'd you know where I lived!?
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This is very beautiful. When first looking at it I thought it could be watercolor. You had me fooled until I read it was digital. When an artist can make a digital picture look like traditional you just know you got it down. Very well done. ;)
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oh wow....honestly, this is what I had pictured for one of my older fantasy stories, except the image was during a gray day, not at night. Really well done!
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Superb stuff V!
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i like this attempt better...the colours blend better
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