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happy easter '09..

remember this one [link] ??

WELL THE LAMBS CAME BACK !!!! :evillaugh:
our stupid traditions.... :no:
and since that description still stands I'll just copy-paste it:

what i really hate is this tradition we have here in greece.. :puke: "torturing" lambs like this.. (yes.. i know they're already dead !!) :shakefist:
so.. what if the lambs could do the same ??! :o

anyway.. i'm no vegeterian, but i never eat lamb, mostly because of this tradition.. :no:

dedicated to my ppprrrreeeeecious for he loved this one as well+ asked me to print it on a t-shirt.. I think it'll be a series !! :giggle:

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Daren't you do such T-shirts and not keep one for ME!!!!
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I shared this on FB and RTed it. It's fantastic-A GREAT job!!!!
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I add it to my faves.
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This is a nice one!!!!!
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I've been working in a farm for many years and I LOOVVVVE lambs! Tey're so cute and lovely!
It is a tradition in Italy too eating lambs for Easter, but I don't like that tradition at all >__<
They born and get killed. It's so sad.
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I do eat meat, but this tradition is just brutal... :(
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Great concept 2!!
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aaaaaa teleiooooooo!!!! Na parei den to eida egkairws!8a soy zhtousa adeia na kanw kartes na steilw!!!Ase exw kai egw mia frixth idea gia to pasxa alla prepei na parw photo kati pou den kserw an 8a anteksw na to dw.
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:XD: mporeis na to kaneis tou xronou !! apla 8ymise to mou !! ;)
hmm...dystyxws exw dei polla frixta, giati enas 8eios mou sto xwrio einai o xasaphs kai phgainame gia episkepsh syxna. fysika to ekopsa...
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hahahahaha!Ax auta ta xwria!
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asta na pane !! ;p
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Den 8elw na kserw ti xrhsimopoihsan gia na ftiaksoun thn mageiritsa to prohgoumeno vradu!! ;p
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ooooxi den 8eleis !!!! :evillaugh:

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hmmmm most religion doesn't make sense so its not organized in my opinion but i am with one that makes sense to me so i don't know agree up to that point with you... but i like opinions...
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