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Upcoming trips this year, which means photos to look forward to:
  • Bath, Somerset
  • New York

I tried buying lighting online, but unfortunately it got lost in the post...need to search in brick and mortar stores. Lots of ideas for portraits to execute once I get that sorted out.

My photobook Wien in Lomo was shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival! Genuinely unexpected and very proud.

Photobook: Wien in Lomo by neuroplasticcreative

Don't forget that Little Miss Frank is available as a print.

Little Miss Frank by neuroplasticcreative
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Just a small note to say that Little Miss Frank is now available as a print, due to a request from a friend.

Let me know if you guys would like any other submissions to be available as a print.

Little Miss Frank by neuroplasticcreative

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Happy 2015 to all of my wonderful followers!

If you see a llama from me, it's a token of my appreciation for checking out my work!


  • I changed my username here from yamitoyume (which I chose over 10 years ago...) to neuroplasticcreative.
  • I made a site (it's totally ugly right now):
  • I visited Paris last month and liveblogged it at
  • For the rest of this month, I will be continuing to submit the last of my photos of Portland - look forward to the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden. Then I will be submitting shots of Seoul (including night scenes) from my Diana Mini, then Paris.
  • I just submitted my last painting of 2014. Inspirations include Donnie Darko, Raffles City in Singapore, Kris Mukai, and Thor: The Dark World...
  Little Miss Frank by neuroplasticcreative


'14 51/52 by arianeka LXXXI. by arianeka CL. by arianeka
Tradition by tubbums32 Sai Kung Beach by tubbums32 The Life by tubbums32

I'm really into greys and browns lately.
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I just returned from Portland, OR today, and I liveblogged about it here: Is Portland Weird?

I learned so much from my trip, and I have a few short essays in progress about it. Highlights were:
  • Meeting Amanda Palmer again on her book tour stop
  • The abundant kindness I received from so many strangers and new friends
  • Amazing vegan and gluten-free food
  • Mastering the really useful Trimet public transport system
  • Attending 5 vinyasa classes in a week
  • Meeting Yumi Sakugawa
  • Watching a shortened screening of Root Hog or Die, a documentary about John Porcellino...presented by John himself

Of course, you can see my experiences in pictures on the Tumblr :)

Second thing I want to address is that I got a DD with the following deviation!:

sleep, dust: iii by neuroplasticcreative

Honestly, it's not the one I would have chosen - it was taken very experimentally with my Holga 135BC and soft surround filters in low lighting, and is relatively old. However I absolutely don't regret creating it and by the looks of the stats, there are people who enjoy it too! And obviously someone who is not me chose to feature it, so I am so so so grateful and proud :)

I find it difficult to thank each person who favourites my work, and I get the feeling some or most people find that annoying anyway. I will always reply to comments, and I will visit the gallery and give a llama to anyone who adds or favourites my stuff just to show my appreciation in a fun way!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I would never progress without your feedback and I appreciate everyone who interacts with me on this site. I don't submit my work for vanity, dA is a platform to me to share my work with the world, in the hope that a) it will make someone happy or provoke thoughts, and b) to get feedback and learn so I can grow.

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Update: Oh my goodness! Just 75 minutes after posting the below entry, some epicly generous soul has gifted a Premium Membership to me! If you would like to identify yourself and message me, I'd be more than happy to draw/paint/make something for you. Thanks so much! The book that inspired this social experiment for me is The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer, and her amazing TED talk. I can't wait to try out all of the features! And a sneak peek into my activities next year, I'm hoping to go to Japan for hanami which means LOTS of photos which I can now batch upload! Love and kindess to you all. And thanks to everyone who watches, favourites, or views for you support!


Hey friends. Amanda Palmer says that you should not be afraid to ask your audience for support. Therefore I am timidly asking for the donation of a Premium Membership.

I have been on this site for over 10 years and have never had one. I shoot on film so I don't get to shoot and upload immediately for free. I pay for all painting supplies, travel, accommodation, film, printing, scanning and developing costs myself. I don't get paid to upload or curate my work. I do it because it's my form of expression and therapy in some ways. Having a Premium Membership will make it easier for me to upload work and engage with the site. I also want to change my username as it's from ten years ago. If I ever get a membership, I would be extremely grateful and try to reciprocate in some creative manner.

Just leaving this out in the universe.

Best wishes to all of my watchers!
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I've uploaded pictures of the first printing of my first photobook, Wien in Lomo! Very happy with the paper thickness and construction. I've submitted it to the Encontros da Imagem 2014 PhotoBook Mart, and The Library Project in Temple Bar, Dublin. Fingers crossed!

Portfolio site

A photography competition has prompted me to create my own site (finally). Currently looking into domain registrars and hosts, watch out for it...


In the next few months, I will be travelling to:
  • Seoul
  • Portland, OR
  • Paris

My dear viewers, please look forward to photos showcasing the unique charm of those locations, with vignetting and a sordid twist.

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I inherited a Yashica FX-D and Kodak Disc 4000 from a lovely friend recently. Some test shots with the Yashica are up.

I'm also working on publishing my first photobook, to be entered in some expos this autumn. I'm excited, and will share pictures after it's printed.

As always, grateful for each and every viewer. Sometimes uploading rolls of photos at a time can be tedious (especially since I don't have premium membership), but it spurs me on when I see notifications for what I'm uploading.

Take care, be kind, share your joys, and enjoy life.

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I have just uploaded my first roll of film taken using the Diana Mini, which I bought in Kare, Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna. I am surprised. I took a picture in a cafe, completely indoors, with no natural light coming in. Yet it was almost overexposed.

I find it easier to compose with the square viewfinder, and the viewfinder in's wider than my Holga 135BC.

It's a bit more freeing somehow. Maybe something to do with the size. It almost fits in the palm of my hand. I have submitted every shot I've taken, because it was so experimental that I'm not ashamed.

I'm still searching for something sharper, and I have my eyes on the Superheadz LAST camera. Still love my Holga, quality-wise it's sharper and more reliable than Ms. Diana. But I should really try the half-frame.

Thank you to everyone who visits my page and views my works. If a photo is developed and no one is around to see it, does it exist - you know? I'm getting more adventurous and hungry for analog photography, so I always aim to bring fresh photos with exciting and unsettling perspectives.
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  • I've been a professional software developer for almost 8 months now! There was a time during my studies when I severely doubted anyone would pay me to code (because I couldn't code), but look what happened. I even got shares today. Neuroplasticity, y'all.
  • Watched the gorgeous Carmen Carrera perform on Saturday.
  • Hopefully going to California this summer.
  • Watched some special movies so far this year. Only Lovers Left Alive was different, and Her is an amazing and inspiring movie. 
  • I've created some folders in my gallery to separate out each photo series. I may inherit my dad's Nikon SLR soon. 
  • Loving StyleLikeU's Second Skin series.
  • I've been doing Ashtanga yoga for 2 months now, and yoga for 5.5 months total. It's healed me physically and mentally. Love uttanasana and Sa Re Sa Sa.
  • Listening to: B2ST
  • Reading: The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts
  • Watching: Her
  • Playing: The Yawhg
  • Eating: kimchi bokkeumbap
  • Drinking: water
  • I quit my management consultancy job last month
  • Will be starting a job as a developer next week
  • Went to Stockholm and it's one of my favourite cities now, top of the list
  • Moderna Museet is my new favourite modern art museum
  • It's warm
  • So far this year I've gone to shows of Metric, Girl in a Coma, and Amanda Palmer. Next: Regina Spektor and These Charming Men
  • Started a painting today
  • Need to upload some pics of works I haven't shared yet
  • Listening to: alice nine.
  • Reading: Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel
  • Watching: The Wolverine
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Hi watchers,

I've renewed two old fanarts from 2006, please check 'em out: Ryuuji (ex. Soroban/Zoro), Ruki (Gazette), and Ruki again.

Here's a painting from the same year: Victim

I'm in the middle of deco-ing an NDS Lite case with smelly epoxy, will upload the results when I'm finished. You can see my first foray into decoden (デコ電) here:  Decoden: Sony Cyber-shot

I've also completed a short cover of PLEDGE by the GazettE, hope you can check it out over at YouTube.

My painting of Gengar is about halfway finished, I'll definitely submit it when it is! Of course, when engaging in creativity, I've completely neglected my duties as a computer science graduate...

Thanks ever so much for the flurry of :+fav:s I've been getting with each new submission. It makes me happy that someone likes it enough to take the effort to do that.

P.S. Sorry, I messed up the entry the first time. Didn't know us subscriptionless peons couldn't post thumbnails in journal entries, eh, dA? ;)
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I can't believe I used the word arbitrary outside of class...I'm turning into a computer scientist! I am sad (not really) because no one gets my Compiler Construction joke. I'm preparing for yet another round of exams, albeit slightly more prepared and enthusiastic than during the previous journal entry.

Both my mind and lecture notes have been populated by skinny blank-eyed ghost-people lately (sample). Other than that, I have nothing interesting to report. Woooo waiting to find out whether I got a research internship! Got my copy of Inside Vineyland today!
  • Watching: Where the Wild Things Are
The truth is, I never uploaded any drawings because I was too lazy to scan...somehow the process seemed complicated in my mind. Who knew that all you had to do was type 'Epson Scan' in the Start menu, click scan even saves itself automatically.
When I move back home, I will re-scan all of the sketches I've submitted in the past.

So I have quite a few new deviations. I'm currently in the middle of exam period, after this foreseeably uneventful summer I will enter 3rd year of computer science. My Japanese (aiming for JLPT 4) and pǔtōnghuà (beginner....) has improved, which I'm happy about! 香港へ行きたいです. 可是我没有时间,也没有錢!! 真可憐...

As always, thanks for any and every comment, favourite and watch I get. So many other talented deviants are more deserving of them. I appreciate it!


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My sister!



Photoshop brushes
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I neither submit nor update frequently.

I mainly use dA to view other talented people's work.

Thank you so much for any views or favourites, I really appreciate it!

I may utilize a scanner soon, but all you will see are informal sketches and doodles.

Everything in my gallery is copyright to me unless otherwise stated.
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Photoshop brushes
Leaving for London tomorrow, Gazette on Saturday, returning on Sunday!

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I graduated on the 24th of May.

Looking forward to my first exam on the 6th of June...not.

Uni next year!

Wish me luck.

More next time.

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Leaving for London in exactly 5.5 hours!

wait for my return ;O

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