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Super Morty Jr World



I'd love to be in the dimension where the Koopalings and Bowser Jr are trying to rescue Bowser, who was kidnapped by Peach. Mario and Luigi just hang out in BLIPS AND CHIIIIIITZ I am a dummy! 

DISCLAIMER: Ryanlauph does not condone the 'destruction & obliteration' of Mushroom Kingdom or Dinosaur Land, nor the murder or torturing of its inhabitants. Such acts are prohibited by law in Dimension C-137. I mean, you must be a cold heartless bastard to kill lil' Larry or Lemmy or Iggy or somethin'. Violators will be punishable by solitary confinement, with the sole source of stimuli involving watching Gazorpazorpfield on a two-inch CRT screen until the universe suffers heat death.
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Yoshi's face is like "Oh, GAWD NO!" XD