Have you ever heard about getwatchers?

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For a looong time I was a little sad for a  small count of views of my profile and photos. My pictures average about 10 views. I was dismotivated. I've joined to same photo groups, but it wasn't very helpful. Then I've discovered a group named "Getwatchers". It's easy way to improve popularity of your photos. How it works? You wathing somebody else's photos and in returt of that, somebody else wathing your photos. Many people browsing every day through photo galleries, so now you can do exacly the same and even you'll advertise your own pictures! After two days I've over 1000 views at all! A lot of new comments and favourites  too. This article is not an advertise, but...I think, a lot of people has the same problem, and this is a good solution. There is a link (Yea, link reffered by me, but again: This is not an advertise, but only an advice ;)  ) :


Now, why I'm writing these journals when I have not much pageviews? This article will read probably about 3-4 people. So, answer is not much complicated. I want to improve my english. A few months ago, I was writing a poems. Some of them are in my gallery. Okay, I still writing poems, but...I realise that, nobody wants to read them. No, I'm not gonna cry now xD. These few months, I'm a happy man. Mostly. But, if nobody will read this, I can write whatever I want. And I like to write in english, although I'm not very good in that. So, I'll write. Hmm...any idea? Did I told you I wrote a sci-fi motive for my book? That I'll write as soon as it'll be possible. But it'll be in Czech language, I'm really sorry for that :D...and, I have to go...see ya!
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