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WIP Sailor Moon Pluto Time Staff - Cosplay Prop

By NettyCosplay
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WIP / Tutorial of my Sailor Pluto Time Staff
Made of wood, Plexiglass, Polyurethan and Fiberglass

Finished prop
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Absolutely amazing!! I'm taking notes to do mine actually ^^
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What did you usever for the light bulb?
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First off this is impressive and truly amazing.

Second I was hoping to offer my services. I noticed a lot of people where asking you for a written tutorial even after all this time. As English is not your first language you are having trouble with this. Based off your pictures and replies I have a basic understanding of what you did. I could write the tutorial and ask questions for clarification on what I do not understand.

Third I was wondering if you remembered the approximate dimensions for the diameter of the wooden balls and staff.
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what paint did you use?
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I use an Airbrush paint called Alclad II chrome.
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What was the material you used to cover the heart-shaped parts?
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It's Resin & glasfiber
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I was wondering... where did you get the dowels that size? I can only seem to find small ones...

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I cut them usually by myself. In many hardware stores you can get some wooden rod with grooves... so I take this and cut them :)
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It lights up?! Holy figs, it LIGHTS UP!! That's incredible. Most cosplayers wouldn't take it to that level, but you accomplished it. Amazing work on this. :)
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Thank you very much <3
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I just wanted to let you know how beautiful this staff is!  Thanks to your WIP and all of the comments I'm working on a Pluto Staff of my own for Yama-con in December.  Everything is gorgeous and you are amazing and wonderful!!
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Wow, thank you very much for thsi compliment *blush*
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Can u make this to sell?
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Perhaps someday... I'm still dreaming of an own Etsy Shop to sell some Cosplay Props.
Please keep watching me, because.. when the day will come, I will make an update here :3
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Hello NettyCosplay , i was wondering, what have you used for assemble the wood parts of the rod itself, it look likes little pieces of wood but i'm not sure, and what have you used for the support of the gold balls on the side of the heart shape ? Thank's ^^
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Yes, these are little wood dowel pins. But the staff can be seperate into 3 parts, so at this point I used special screws (engl. hanger bolt)
The bigger golden balls were some plastic balls I found in my "DIY box" XD (I collect many things because I love to make this or that by myself) and glued them at the side. I don't know anymore where they are from, but I coverd them with some gold foil... (the smaller balls in the middle are 2 golden pearls) The "sidearms" are made like the Heart from PU and fiberglas + model clay for the fitting
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I managed to see where and what you did in almost each one of the pics. just a question. Where (In these pictures) can you see the fiberglass cause I could not identify where you used it ? 
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The Garnet Orb (heart) is covered with fiberglas.
The pic 14 shows the glasfiber and how I put it on, and pic 15 is with resin, the finished fiberglas. I sand it a bit, and put another layer of resin (pic 16/17,the red colored resin under the primer.. I don't have a pic of the 2nd layer.. sorry).
When you see my "WIP Sailor Galaxy Sword" there you can see some more steps with fiberglas..
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i think she used the fiberglass on the heart shaped top of the time staff.
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ummm that big red light up orb, how did you make that? i'm working on something similar and would love to incorporate the light
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I took a acrylic ball and painted it with transparent red.
The LEDs are inside a smaller Ball.. :)
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do you remember the things you bought for the project?
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I list it in the description. Or do you have a special question?
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