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Milly the Mist Manipulator by nettimato Milly the Mist Manipulator by nettimato
Name: Milly, "Mist Manipulator"
Age: 20
Species/Race: Human
Affilation: Chaotic Neutral
Combat: Magical ranged, Spellcaster, Assassin

Milly the mist manipulator is an assassin, who never leaves any clues for investigators, as she can neutralize her targets without touching them or using any actual weapons. she's psychotic, but yet capable of controlling her power. she doesn't kill without a reason, but sure causes damage and misorder around herself. she is a neutral character in that she isn't on good or evil side - you'll never know when she helps you and when she aids the enemy. she likes to fight, and got some scars from previous battles. though she may proceed into the battle for smaller causes, she kills only the people she's been hired to assassinate; for the rest of population, she prefers humiliating them in various ways.

her special power is manipulating any kinds of clouds from little puffs she can make with her bottle, to large clouds of storms formed naturally. she can turn clouds into solid-like material (hardness indicated by decreased transparency), and shape them as she wishes. she can use her clouds for example as a shield and deflect bullets and other projectiles, as a surfboard to fly in the skies and reach places faster or as a sword to cut the foes into small cubes. when she's not planning to kill the target, she prefers to use the cloud in the fist form. since she met Timmy, they have formed a romantic relationship - making Timmy the only person who she refuses to fight with.

her insanity was caused by a traumatic incident that happened to her when she was 16. story about it:

she wears a dark blue hoodie with it's tightening laces removed, pink underwear, red pants, a bracelet with a blue jewel, a kneeguard and black shoes. she usually keeps the hood over her head, but not always. unhooded image:

colours in colour ref bar:
1. Hair
2. Skin
3. Eyes
4. Scars
5. Hoodie
6. Bracelet
7. Jewel on the bracelet and the body of the bottle
8. Panties
9. Pants
10. Rolled over pants
11. Knee pad
12. Shoes
13. "D" on the bottle
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March 9, 2013
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