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This pic started out as a sketch I was going to dump into Scraps, then I splashed him with an airbrush, and decided he could see the light of day for a while. Anyway, this is a Vorticon from the original Commander Keen games. I played them when they were new, which should tell you how old I am. XD Just looking up the sprites for reference still make the palms of my hands sweat, because when these little sucker see your character, they RUN at you and you die seconds later. I wondered what a vorticon would look like in a modern game, so here's one for you. He's in the garb of Vorticon IV, making the Vorticon V and carrying one of Keen's pistols. I ought to try to draw Keen sometime, too. Ahhh ... had I known what fanfiction was back then, I would have written it.
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Oh yeah, I forgot the ridiculous feet they had. Did they really only have 1 toe on each foot? That would suck! Or maybe 2, and only one has a claw and the other is way smaller and to the side and useless as a t rex's arms. Still I thought they just had like crow's feet or something. And their hands aren't much better. How did they ever build spaceships. Damn, how could the first half of 2005 be 9 years ago, rounded to the nearest year even.

Vorticons, vogons, vorgons, vorlons and vorta. And there are probably more than that, that's just commander keen, star trek, babylon 5 and the hitchhiker's guide. You'd think the science fiction writers could be a little more creative in their species names, but they all have the same all too human idea of what an alien species name should be like.
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It's a Vorticon!!! That's awesome!!!! This makes me so happy!!
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This is neat :D One of the better Vorticon interpretations I've seen...
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I started playing Keen again yesterday, after not playing in YEARS :heart: I love these guys best
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Oh wow! This is very well done! :D
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I still say vorticons are cute
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Wicked cool!
Nice work.
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Ah the Vorticon... <3 Lovely airbrushing if you dont mind me saying ^^ keen was a great series ^^
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Ah! Good stuff! To think the Commander Keen community [PCKF] Is still alive and kicking!
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I like them, even if they´re enemies of "Captain Keen" *shot by Keen, who is saying "that´s COMMANDER Keen!"* Nice picture, so Vorticons really are looking like dogs? And I always was shocked, if an enemy killed me, because I forgot to deactivate the PC-Speaker. *lol* Nice picture, he looks evil&cool.
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KEEEENNNNNNNN! I died at least five hundred times to these guys =D Then again, I can say that about a lot of the enemies in any Keen. Though I've beaten 4-6 now. Anyway, nice pic! It's KEEN =D *shot*
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Ah, the good old days.
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wooooooooah! nice. I have never played Commander Keen before, but I have heard of it. I like teh look on this guy, dog like, I like it. Nice coloring too, watercolorish. Nope, I still dont know your age, its shrouded in mystery still. lol
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I never played those games i'm afraid! :shrug: But i like the fact that you've tried to make an old character sprite into a modern looking character! You've done an amazing job! Love it! :+fav: 8-)
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Amusing. *feline grin*

That's actually a Vorticon HyperPistol, by the way. Keen found one in the second game. Most of the rest of the time he was using his home-made neural stunner. I'm almost as old as you, so I get to make comments like that. >.>
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I knew I recognized him from somewhere! =D I love Commander Keen! And just personally, I liked 1-3, and then 6. Didn't really like the whole "Oracle" series. ^_^

He looks sweet, NR! =D Great job!
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pretty nice :3
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Ah...I played them when they were new too, though I only ever had one...IV, I think...evil Vorticon...
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