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The Wind

The wind blew here for like five solid days. I got quite tired of it, but at the same time, it inspired this pic. If we could see the wind, what would it look like?

Staring directly into the Eye of the Wind is painful sometimes ...

Made in Corel Painter
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This is beautiful
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looks like a fish
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I never have actually thought about that. How would the wind look like? I wonder...
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Wow, this is gorgeous!! Nice job with the wind. I bet if we could see it, it'd look like that.^.^
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Nice pic!

We had some horrid wind here too, but it lasted a few hours, but it managed to drop the temperate a whole 50 degrees in those few hours.
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Creepy wind but I still like the pic
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Very expressive =) I like it. I'm glad you didn't take on the default "paint with all the colors of the wind" deal, even if it is fun to look at. ^^;

The wind has been annoying, huh? One of my teachers started off class asking if we'd lost anything to the wind. :slow:

Gots tuh be careful, that yah do.
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Very beautiful. Interesting cloud formation for
the eyes.
sonicthechao's avatar this is amazing.
I see kyogre for some reason, think its the eye :P
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wow that's really good
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Interesting concept for wind, but very intriguing. and I like the Eye. :)

I know about the annoyance factor though. Where I go to college it is windy CONSTANTLY. And being in New England, it is cold, snowy, frigid, unfun wind. :(

Very nice in spring and fall though :)

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