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Commander Keen and the Shakadi

Anybody else ever play Commander Keen, waaaay back when a 486 was the height of computer speed? A little side-scroller game with Keen and his infamous pogo stick. Gosh, I loved those. The Shakadi had an Evil Plan To Blow Up The Galaxy, and among other things you couldn't really kill them. They're made of energy, see. (Even worse are the Shakadi dogs, whose spark is worse than their bite.)

Anyway. I've never seen Commander Keen fanart, and doubt anybody will remember that old game, but here it is! Freehand on a tablet in Photoshop. I need Painter.
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Awesome! My first computer game that I remember on a PC was Commander Keen 1. This pic is based on Keen 5 (Goodbye Gallaxy 2). I've got all the Commander Keen games. Before a PC though I had a Commodore 64. The C64 was the first computer I ever had.
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Shakadi? Whazza? I actually paid for the whole thing back in the day, and I don't remember any Shakadi, I remember a showdown on the Vorticon homeworld and then Keen's arch nemesis whose IQ was 315 while Keen's was 314 controlling a giant robot and that was it. Did more games come after that? I'm just too old maybe, I got an earlier version of the full release. Damn, maybe ID would still be willing to send them to me if additional games were later standardized to part of the full version. Err, rather, maybe I could just torrent it, like they care about anyone downloading keen at this point.
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AAAAAAAWWWW the good old 90s. Feeling really nostalgic now.
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Glad somebody still remembers ol' Commander Keen and his adventures! :-)
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Good ol' Billy Blaze.
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WHOA! D8 This is awesome! 8D
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I remember when i played this game a long time ago, when i was 4 i think. I wish that more games of Commander Keen could be made, well, fanmade games are still possible ofcorse^^

Great job on the art.
Oh btw, ho are these Shikadi anyway? It was so long time ago since i last time played the game, but somwhow the Shikadi reminds me of another type of enemy that existed on an fps game from the playstaion era, but that must ne my old school brain fooling me again lol.
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It's spelled "Shikadi."

And I remember the games, I'm a HUGE fan even though I was born after the series was finished...
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The game I grew up with. The fifth game has a lot of awesome Jazzy music in it.
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I love Commander Keen. I have it on my computer. This picture has gotten me in the mood to play it now.
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so nice!
I still play it with DOSBOX :w00t:
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...I thought it was "Sh[b]i[/b]kadi"?
See, the reason why I remember this is because... I managed to download a XP-safe version off Steam
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I only got to play two of them, Parts 1 and 4 since they were share ware. But I loved 4 sooo much. I played it every day when i got home from school and it was just as much fun or even a little more fun on the two hundredth time as it was the first. Computer games were all i had since we could not get a nintendo, it was funny because my mom brought us Wolfenstine and Doom from a friend at work, i guess she had no idea what they actually were other then free. But even with those Keen was still my favorite
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commander keen was a great game 8D i used to play until everything i looked at was pixelated 8D i miss it :C

this is a cool picture, i usually ended up running ino the Shikadi :C i forgot to jump XD
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this looks fantastic
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Absolutely beautiful! I love the shading on this, and I love the way you made the Shikadi transparent - it looks like you can see its organs! Also love Keen's design.

And yes, I've always been a big fan of both Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit. They were my two favorite DOS games that I played with my dad when I was really little.
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haha i was just reminded of those games today while cleaning out my shed. i found some old floppy disks. too bad i have nothing that reads them LOL.
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Awesome! I love the games - I've played every episode. Ep. 5 being my favorite of the bunch.

I love the effects on the Shikadi =D
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wooow i imagined the shikadi JUST LIKE THAT o.o
amazin i adoree it
if i could rate it i would O_O
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I remember that game :3 I still have it, but it doesnt play music anymore because its soo old >..< Man, i wish i had the whole series tough :(

I love the looks of the whole thing. Well done :D
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......................................................I thought i was the only one to have ever played it, but you all proved me wrong! im not alone! oh yah and what game is that from? Ive only played the one where you have to rescue the old men and then you win.
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this one is from the next of the one you said you played
you played commander keen in the secret of the oracle
and in the next one the shikadi appear =)
i have it if, i can send it to you if you feel like playing it =)
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blimy! I still own my commander keen floppydisks! they rocked!:D
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