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Guide to Being a Jackass

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... Well that was a wildly inappropriate update.

Enjoy :D

For those who don't know (shame on you), "Deviant Guide to being a Jackass" is a sequel (in spirit) of Critique is Dead, something with a lot more writing.
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grace0rulzHobbyist Artist
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Honestly, I thought this was serious until I saw the end. And what's sad is many of us are guilty of AT LEAST one of these rules at one time.

And to answer...

Good heavens, no!
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BloodCakezHobbyist Digital Artist
This explains alot of people
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The-Zombie-HunterStudent Artist
This is the perfect guide!
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Honestly, I think you nailed them all... Well maybe there's one or two you missed, but people will always find more ways to be an jackass.
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CritexMindHobbyist General Artist
This is an incredible work.

What is the point of an art community of people that can't express their opinions, say pointless stuff everytime (some silliness is healthy, though) or are close-minded?

Also: "You hated or disliked an artwork/artist? Promote a crusade against it/them." and "Use complicated words which meanings you don't know and always type a shitload of "elaborated" text, everyone will see how smart you are."
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magicaljusticeProfessional Digital Artist
This was really funny! It is funny because it is true. This may be old but it is absolutely timeless!
Great guide. I will now read the prequel. Thank you for making this :D
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MartinSilvertantProfessional General Artist
You typed "deviantions" once and you're using the Brittish and American spelling of 'favor/favour' interchangeably. I also noticed a few other typos so you might want to double-check what you wrote. Having said that, this is some excellent work; it's amusing and I can appreciate the satire and social criticism.
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kingmickey13Student General Artist

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TinyTyrannosauridaeHobbyist General Artist
I have seen a heck load of people doing these...
and it makes me feel annoyed...
And I guess I'm doing the same thing...
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star-electricHobbyist General Artist
I think I have seen at least half of these and two are me X(
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samoholicHobbyist Writer
OH no, that's a lot to take in, how do you know if you are a Jackass or just can't comment on a piece of work or have no idea about the process it would take to create in order to critique it to help an artist out and make an excellent comment. How do you not like what you actually like so easily? Maybe I'm taking it too far, but I love what this says and stands for.
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totalrandomusernameHobbyist Digital Artist
Because I'm a rule breaker. I will break the rules of being a DA jackass
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DigiStar-AguaStudent General Artist
Hmm. I'm obviously not a Jack (butt)
I encourage everyone and I'm very indepth with my comments,sometimes taking up most of the comment box.
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l33tn3rdzHobbyist Writer
Now you are on your way to being a destructive member of the dA community. Lol
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Does this mean I eat kittens because I use Windows?

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ShadowedLove97Hobbyist Writer
lol This...Is amazing.xD

Shame on the people who don't follow these guidelines. Shame on them./shot

Anyways, love it. I must admit, I'm guilty of some of these things (OMFG chibi! +fav) but I try not to be.^^
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Fundz64Hobbyist General Artist
One you can add to the list: -when you fave an art, unfave it after a couple of days later! :typerhappy:
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lady-emeraldeyesHobbyist Photographer
Haha this is awesome! This is precisely what I see a lot of dA "celebrities" doing. It's obnoxious.
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PocketbugHobbyist Traditional Artist
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IntrepimidHobbyist Digital Artist
Where have you been all my life. :I
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animefan245Hobbyist General Artist
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myst-oHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome stuff xD
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myst-oHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol. A must read xD
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