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'Like Ice and Fire' [Maharet v.2] by Netjeret 'Like Ice and Fire' [Maharet v.2] by Netjeret
Base for this manip was "The Bridesmaid" by John Everett Millais

My favorite character from the Vampire Chronicles. Second version.

"Such beauty! That had been Jesse's first overwhelming impression. Skillfully powdered and painted, the face had an Oriental artiface, save for the remarkable intensity of the green eyes and the thick red curly hair pouring down her shoulders....Like ice and fire, Maharet had seemed that night. Immensely strong yet irrepressibly warm. A thin, yet statuesque creature with a tiny waist and flowing skirts, she has the high-toned mystery of fashion manikins, the eerie glamour of women who have made of themselves sculptures..."
'The woman's vigor astonished him. It gave her an air of infinite flexibility and overwhelming menace. Was she the true immortal? - the one who had never slept, never gone silent, never been released by madness? One who had walked with a rational mind and measured steps through all the millennia since she had been born?'

She let him know, for what it was worth, that this was exactly what she was.
He could see her immeasurable strength as if it were incandescent light; yet he could sense an immediate informality, the immediate receptivity of a clever mind.'
'Maharet crying, that she remembered. Maharet weeping with the soft feminine sound of a young girl. Maharet had never appeared so alluring; her face had been softened, yet luminous.'

"I drew closer, moving out of the chapel proper and into the little vestibule. David
stood beside her, like her anointed Second in Command, as if he would have done her will
in an instant, and she the eldest, well, almost the eldest, the Eve of Us, the Mother of
Us All, or the only Mother who remained, and now as I looked at her, I remembered the
awful truth again, about her eyes, that when she was human, they had blinded her, and the
eyes through which she looked now were always borrowed, human."

Character, books Anne Rice
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