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Waterworld Eclipse

By nethskie
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Waterworld Eclipse in slightly visible stars!

High Altitude Exoplanet Eclipse: [link]

Eclipse 2012: [link]

High Altitude Eclipse: [link]

The Grand Eclipse: [link]

Total Eclipse: [link]

(updated 09/27/2012)

-reworked the entire image (the preview is now the new image)
-zip file download includes the original version and the updated version for user preference

Resolution: 1920x1080(Full HD 1080p 16:9 desktop wallpaper)

Hope you'll like this

Thanks for viewing!

every stock images and brushes used on this deviation are my own render and photomanipulation.

***All rights reserved please do not upload to other wallpaper sites just hyperlink this page***

check my gallery for more [link]

my deviantart page [link]
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Beautiful... An amazing eclipse on an Oceania. Space Engine Classifications.
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I am creating an educational booklet on Eclipses (approximately 32 pages).  Can I use this picture as the background on one of the pages? 
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I would like to use this in the graphical material of my newly founded company. I could even pay something for the rights, but not too much.
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Did you ever receive a response to your question about using or paying for the rights to this picture?
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That light on the water seems to be an end of the reality for me. Something like borderline of void :) Impressive shot.
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hi!:)..can i get the permission to get this pic..we need it w/ a purpose..thanks..:)
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Oh man - eye popping!
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Very beautiful scene.
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Simply beautiful!
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did you made this??? like it and the other one!
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Simple but very effective.
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hehe no problem
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your awesome work is featured here. :D [link]
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thank you so much :)
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