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Sword Art Online Character Sheet
(Anything in Parentheses you can delete as you fill out this sheet! This sheet includes sections on the ALO and GGO worlds of Sword Art Online, if you don't want to have those parts because you aren't interested in those worlds or don't plan on roleplaying/creating a character for those worlds, feel free to delete those sections. )
Real Life Information
Name: Isamuko Kokoroto (Brave Child, Spirit fly)<--- Meaning
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Were you a Beta-Tester?: Yes
Brave: She likes to jump into things, such as battles that are high leveled then hers, and win.
Spirited: She is very energetic, and can make a gloomy day turn happy.
Childish: She likes to play simple pranks, like a water bucket or what not, on somebody.
Description: Isamuko is at least the size of a average 3rd grader, and is not too chubby, and not too thin. She is slightly muscular because of her training. She has a t
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Welcome To the Annual Hunger Games! You have been chosen to travel to our magnificent Capital to compete in this exciting tournament! If you win, you'll get to stay in your districts Victors Village and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life! If you lose you'll die! There can only be one winner! Fill out the sheet below and read the instructions at the end!
Part 1:Skill Points
Choose how many points you want to devote to each skill. You can not go over your point limit. Choose carefully, it could mean the difference between life and death.
(You'll tell us your District latter on)
District 1: Luxury Goods for the Capitol: 0
District 2: Medicine (Also trains Peacemakers, creates nuclear weapons, and mines stone quarries): 2
District 3: Machinery/Factories (Electronics): 0
District 4: Fishing District: 5
District 5: Breeding/ Splicing DNA District: 5
District 6: Scientific Research District: 1
District 7: Lumber and Construction (Timber and Paper): 0
District 8: Weaving/ Cl
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Fredric the Wolf
Name(s): Fredric, Woelf, Wolfric
Duration of service (age):  1980-1985, 1987-present+FNAF2
Height: <Two modes of heights!>
*All Fours: The height of a teens waist
*Two Legs: 7ft in height (Making him proubly the tallest of animatronics)
Fur colour: Black, with a white muzzle, ear tips, paws and tail tips. He also has a light blue strippe coming from his forehead and down his spine to his tail tip.
Eye colour: Golden red during day time, blood red during night-time
Reason for decommission: From 1960-1987, he was put into decommission because of a foul odor that appeared from him in 1985, the following year blood, mucus and blood was dripping down, and he was shut down.
Brought back into service? : In 1987 he was put back up to guard the Cove and the animatronics, and also help out people with disabilities and elders. However, with that he was noticed to have glitches and stuff.
In line for refurbishment? : Yes. In FNAF two, his origional has rips in its fur due to the kids wh
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Hotel Transylvania OC
Name: Dracu Dragoneel
Age: 118 (Mavis's Age<Mavis is a charatar from the move>)
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon/Dracula
Personality: She can be kind, and she loves to play pranks. She is also a good sniffer since she is a dragon/dracula halfling, the first of her breed. She can also be very aggresive when touched, for she only allows Mavis to do so. She can also accidently harm somebody when surprised.
Parents: Ma'hjik is her mother, a dragon, and her father is Cylvis. They were killed when humans hated monsters.
Lives: Hotel Transylvania in a room, much like Mavis's except instead of a bed, its a pile of blankets that is so big, theres a hole in the middle where she rests.
Family(Currently): Count Dracula(Adopted Father), Mavis(Sisterly Friend), Frankstein&Wife(Adoptive Aunt&Uncle), etc.
Backstory: She was born as an egg, but her parents were killed trying to protect Dracula and his family. The count toke her with him to the hut while the hotel was built. When Mavis and H
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Ruinia Temple
Basic Information:
Name: Ruinia Temple
Species: Troll
Gender: Female
Age: 7.38 Sweeps (16 Human years)
Derse or Prospit?: Derse
Fetch Modus: Sound
Strife Specibus: Bowkind And Knifekind
Weapon: Knife of Time, Bow of Universe
Game Entry Item: Meatball 
Sprite: RambatRuiniasprite (Rambat lusus and Ruina's Dream Self)
Exile: Wildcat, she used to be a lonely magician
Server Player: Sirein
Client Player: Cosmos
Title: Seer of Time
Active or Passive?: Active
Medium: Land of Bats and Blood
Denizen: Draculaious
Troll-Specific Information: (Human characters delete this section!)
Blood color: Black Red (Almost pitch black)
Symbol: It is basicly Aries, but the right 'horn' has a hook
Lusus: Ram
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The Temple's Sign by Nethaar The Temple's Sign :iconnethaar:Nethaar 0 0 Gradox Psykin by Nethaar Gradox Psykin :iconnethaar:Nethaar 1 0 Cheetahmumsprite by Nethaar Cheetahmumsprite :iconnethaar:Nethaar 0 0 Beast of Space by Nethaar Beast of Space :iconnethaar:Nethaar 0 0




Hello ya'll, Nethaar here. I wanna know if anyone could help me create my first Series for Homestuck featuring Avian, Zakalya, and Nethaar (Avian is a Neko, Zak is a Troll along with Nethaar) So if anyone has any suggestions on how to start it off, Please give me a suggestion. Thank you and Goodnight.


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I am actully MikasaReptitan and KyubiiKaturosako. The internet scrued up for me >3<


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