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dragon rising collaboration

This is the uncollaborative part of a collaboration between drahomira [link] , and I. I drew the original dragon as a vector image (included in the download) and sent that to drahomira. Unfortunately I really liked it, so I made my own image with it. We ended up agreeing to post both images, they give you interesting look at how divergent the use of a single base image can be.

Keep in mind, that neither of us saw the other's result until they were completed, well, actually drahomira hasn't seen this one yet ;) (Wink) But I saw his, and it's excellent, so keep an eye out for it.
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It dragon? I love dragons:))))
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This is really cool. I like the dragon.
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This is poetry to me
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I like this picture dragons are awesome and this is no exception :) (Smile) nice job looks ace, everyone shout "Nigh" !
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beautiful...i like this better than the other. it works better with the dragon image. plus you drew the dragon which is the only part of his i liked.
tack's avatar
Is my wp on the tacktop. A great combination of styles, though very distinctly yours (aware that this wasn't the collab).
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WOW, Yours also end up pretty good. nice color and contour effect. As I said for drahomira, I liked the dragon's eye.
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Great adam!....reminds me of a fossil.
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Interesting. Contemporary style of the grunge and the lines meets the sort of old style feel of the dragon. The composition leaves a bit to be desired, as it is a bit unbalanced on the left, but otherwise a solid work. Nice job.
ra's avatar
very excellent :) (Smile)
vermillionbird's avatar

the glowing white is arresting
on top of the red bits.

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This looks pretty fly ... nice work !
polaris's avatar

looks good

wicked-eve's avatar
i said background...
i ment foreground...
i suck.
wicked-eve's avatar
very cool.
I love the somewhat liquid feel to the background.
That pale coral color really works too...
awesome work.
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you did a great job with it ! the texturing is really sweet
i'm glad to have collaborated with you, adam ;) (Wink)
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Damn thats some sweet vectoring. :) (Smile)
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very very interesting,,, like a humen fish... i feel like it's uncatchible, because it's kind of fluid... or i must be ... who knows :? (Confused)
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real eyecandy!
rustkill's avatar
Really good! Great colours and blending. And of course a great vector drawing.
lordmarcus's avatar
wowey, thats amazing
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I really love the way the white outlines of the dragon pop against the orange-red. Great textures. Lovely image.
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