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Some Day I'll Learn to Save

By netghost
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There I was, reveling in Color Dodges or maybe Burns, I never keep them straight. Holding off from hitting Ctrl-S until I was done, because I didn't want to name this before I knew what it was. Well at least it has a name now.

The funny thing is that this old copy of photoshop has never crashed on me before. My computer keeps getting faster, more ramtastic, more epic, and yet, things seem slower now than ever before.

Anyways, I'm still alive :)

Wait, seriously, what has happened to Devart? Fullview at 600 pixels? Full view should be my image, goodness, am I getting old and crochety?
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i know that little white and blue box in the top left corner. it pops up at the top of my internet window A LOT! *glares at uncooperative computer whose red light should NOT be on but is anyway*
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Man, that stinks. Yeah, DevArts whole upload system is funky. Why would I need to upload more than one file? Theres no reason for that.
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poor adam :hug:

it's good to see you back though. and for the fullview thing, just choose "original size"...
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lol, good thing windows saves this stuff in temporary files so they can be retrieved even if you did not save them. It would have been a different story if you didn't atleast get an error screen. When you find the pic deep in windows ridiculous files, bring it up and give it name. Atleast its not lost!!!! :)
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Does it? I mean it's photoshop's job to save copies of the open documents, if you know that photoshop saves this stuff somewhere, let me know.
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yup, I'm not sure what default name is given, ex. untitled document for MS word. So, I would just do a complete search on any type file and that given day you were doing this work. Start menu, than search, and put in those specifics. If not, there are other programs on the net, not sure of names, but they're there if you really wanna find everything on your computer. You will even find stuff you didn't know you had on your computer, lol. Happy hunting. :)
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Yeah, but that's a function of MS Word, windows doesn't auto save everything, it does cache a lot in temp files. I guess I could poke around a bit.
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Its a function of Everything running on your Microsoft computer not just MS Word. You can't know all of this OS's tricks, lol. But from forensically speaking, even the words that you type can be found, you've just gotta know how and where to look, hehe. Look hard, you will most likely need an external program. Can't really say much more, you know how that goes. :)
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I have to agree, PS has more or less never crashed on me before...
Funny with the naming! I do the same thing for music tracks, when they're being mixed... although I usually give them a temporary title while working. Recording and stuff can take days, so...

As for DA, full view seems to work fine on this end...?
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What a pity.. it should be nice work.. ;)
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nice to see from you again
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I hate it when that happens.
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i agree. it seems the more i update my cpu the more problems i encounter and the more crashings and whirring noises that my hardrive emits i have to deal with.
what version is this? it's a shame you lost this, it was looking good!
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lol. is that version 5?
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Damn, that was looking pretty good.

Oh, and dodge lightens, burn darkens.
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