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so like i believe i said i wouldn't notify you about small little art changes i make but i might change the way i draw my sketches, like instead of using the pen tool and doing it in grey with a bunch of super saturated eyesore colors i might sketch with only one color with the watercolor tool and junk like we'll have to see it looks a lot nicer and just a thousand times more efficent so i'll post more wips and art dumps

i'll be doing a super experimental drawing soon that you'll probably be able to see changes in and see if i like it and improve from there and redo a bunch of stuff, really now that i've got most of the to draws off my list i can work on whatever i please

omg this is super long i'm sorry have this super old picture of sea salt so you can know that at least i've improved since i got my art tablet :'))
sea salt by netflixandsapphire

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