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meet luci !! by netflixandsapphire meet luci !! by netflixandsapphire
sorry for all the art spam but i hAVE THE ARTS SO HERE YOU GO
i doodled this one today,, my art is 100% doodles in all honesty now,,

so uhm for you guys that don't know about luci or like my comic in general here we gooo
luci is the main character for my wip comic experience,, she is a literately smart curious girl in middle school that loves meeting new people though is naturally introverted by nature,, an extroverted introvert if you put it into shorter description
the begging of the comic starts during around the end of the school year when summer is about to hit,, giving her time to do things like go outside maybe,, so her and her brother take a hiking trip up a nearby "mountain" which haha i haven't found a name for yet or mapped out locations i start with characters first don't judge meee

so yeah this is her during school seeing someone like in the hallway or whatever inbetween class periods,, or at least an easy excuse for me to start drawing her that way haha
i might he changing her boots from blue to like a light tan ?? like my friends boots ?? because i really ?? like ?? her boots ?? you'll see a pic of her in a minute i like drawing children in boots

EDIT: i forgot her little hair numbs !! but this is her if she like actually brushed her hair i guess lmao
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May 2, 2017
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