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hoodie face by netflixandsapphire hoodie face by netflixandsapphire
remember that picture i posted a while ago when i redid my friend shyloh's art and said it reminded me of katlyn's ?? well haha i found some of katlyn's art so i decided to redraw it,, it's her with a her hood over a face
and she's blushing af because she is cute garbage love my amazon daughter

(our drawings don't really show if but if i did a comp she tall and thicc af lmao,,)
also this is the first piece of colored traditional art i did in a while haha i hope it's ok,, the blush is red bc i was trying to replicate her anime style but i would've toned it down a bit more if that wasn't the case
you can see the differences in how we do lineart really well but also just like our art in general she's really good thooo

yeah sadly she's not aloud to have social media so i can't like you guys to more of her amazingly cute art but when i find some more i have stashed away i'll post it lmao,, might even make her an acc secretly if i get the chance

EDIT: oh yeah the reason i didn't mess around with filters is because katlyn's style is so dark if i tried contrast and that other junk it'd make it like ever more dark lmaoo,,
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May 3, 2017
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