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Ruby - Gem Quest by netflixandsapphire Ruby - Gem Quest by netflixandsapphire
Name: Ruby
Nickname(s): Rubes, Pinky, Red(by Peri)
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Inclination: Loyal
Gem type/location: Ruby, behind neck(nape)
Height: Canon ruby height
Class: Mage
Weapon: Staff
Abilities: Normal gem abilities, ruby abilities, magic
Personality: Unlike her comrad Blue, Ruby is a very optimistic and sweet gem. Though naive, Ruby is very smart(formal education wise) and always tries to see the best in people. Sometimes she's a bit too hopeful though, not really able to read a situation and not taking anything seriously enough. Making every situation as fun as possible for herself, she lacks in being able to understand body language unless they're extremely aggresive. She's an average mage but her emotions usually influence how good she's going to do cast a spell.
Appearance: Her color scheme is more purple than other rubies but aside from that, this Ruby isn't very different from any other Ruby. Despite this, her clothes are a notable feature to make her stand out from other Rubies, as she wears high boots and a robe that covers most of her body, as most Ruby's usually wear more open clothing such as shorts and tank tops. On her robe an upside down tear drop is sewn onto the chest, as well as in her staff a tear drop shaped crystal is floating in it, to show her loyalty to her diamond. (No, the crystal is not sentient. At least, if it was, Ruby wouldn't be aware.)
Additional: reference without the app

In-game stats
Level: 1
Currency: 422
Inventory: Rose potion(2), Luminous potion
EXP: 80
Skills: Enchanter
- STR #2 (+10 bonus)
- DEX #2 (+10% bonus)
- MAG #4 (+20 bonus)
- HTH #3 (30 hp)

Current HP: 9
tehwatcher Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2017
1st soooocute litel magic user
MeIodrama Featured By Owner Edited Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg she’s so cute~
netflixandsapphire Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you !!
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