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Peridot - Gem Quest by netflixandsapphire Peridot - Gem Quest by netflixandsapphire
Name: Peridot
Nickname(s): Per, Peri, Pierre, Blue
Pronouns: She/Her
Inclination: Neutral
Gem type/location: Peridot, left arm
Height: Canon peridot height(defective)
Class: Rogue
Weapon: Double daggers
Abilities: Normal gem abilities, peridot abilities(hasn't realized she can metal bend)
Personality: Blue is mostly calm, though she cracks under pressure. She puts on a confident persona but she does not think very highly of herself at all. She is very irratible but tries her best to be optimistic, though coming out as sarcastic. Usually indesicive and, as her inclanation states, neautral to most things unless they affect her personally. She disregards the lives of people she doesn't know, believing she can do or say whatever she wants to them because she'll never see them again, and usually tries messing with people she doesn't know for entertainment, like flirting with them during battle and other odd things such as that. Blue is very self aware of her personality, even making sarcastic jokes about herself and pressuring herself because she takes too long to decide things, usually causing the answer to take longer to come up with.
Appearance: She is obviously a defective peridot, being short in stature, adding onto her already established self-esteem issues. She carries a green handbag, as she carries most of the supplies for her party. She wears two grey belt and blue boots that match her leggings and striped top, which has a V-color. Her coloration is very blue/seafoam, unlike most peridots who are green-ish yellow. Her hair, which is usually more triangular/diamond shaped, is tied down so it is in the shape of a trapazoid instead.
Additional: reference without the app
gay af for ghostie

In-game stats
Level: 3
Currency: 343 PD
Inventory: Rose Potion(3), Blade of Siphoning(+25), Simple Drink, Luminous Potion(2)
EXP: 260
Skills: Pickpocket
- STR #3 (+15 bonus)
- DEX #5 (+25% bonus)
- MAG #2 (+10 bonus)
- HTH #3 (30 hp)

Current HP: 11
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November 25, 2017
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