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Outcast Court Application - Galaxy Diamond Court by netflixandsapphire Outcast Court Application - Galaxy Diamond Court by netflixandsapphire
Name: Your gem’s name.

Nicknames: Any aliases they may have.

Rank: All available ranks are displayed here!

Height: Please keep the height relative to this chart for consistency.

Pronouns: Any pronouns they use.

Gem Location: Where is their gemstone placed on their body?

Gem Type: Example; ruby, pearl, bismuth, etc.

Personality: How does your gem act? Are they hot headed and fiery, passionate, cold? Go into as much detail as possible and make sure it makes since with their backstory!

Backstory: From the time they were created to their arrival on the Galaxive, tell us about their life.

Weapon: Can they summon a weapon? If not, do they use any of their abilities as a weapon or do they have a physical one? (Note: they will need something to fight with!)

Abilities: Aside from the usual abilities gems possess such as bubbling and reforming, what special powers do they have?

Fusion Dance Style: What kind of dance does your gem do while fusing? Do they dance or fuse at all?

Other: Any extra information can be displayed here.

Ingame stats; (note that this part of the app is optional and entirely for your convenience, as updated versions are on the stat spreadsheet here)
HP: Health points. Gems start with 20
ATK: Attack stat. Gems start with 10
SP: Star Pendants. Gems start with 25
Items: Gems start out with nothing in their inventory until purchasing items at Shop Central.

tehwatcher Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017
1st beautiful

2nd sweet app deign here :)
netflixandsapphire Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you !!
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