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You post your work, not very often, but you do submit to dA sometimes. And nobody cares, you don't get much response, no comments, sometimes a fav or two per submission. But when you imitate someone else's work you got inspired with and, well, just stand in front of someone else's work and take a photo of it, you get 6 faves and two comments in 30 minutes...

I really thank everyone who likes it but please, if you noticed my work through a single image that got your attention...feel free to look at the rest of my gallery, take your time, share your thoughts and don't just fave something that caught your eye for a second.

Thank you!
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Saturday, I was searching for stock photos of a bathroom for a theatre play background.
I used the terms "bath" and "bathroom" in the stock category and all I got to see was bleeding wrists and drowning girls in bathtubs, even with activated mature content filter...damn this is creepy.
One of my favourite webcomics had this hilarious strip today:…

Totally belongs here, doesn't it? ;)
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So my vacation is finally booked. I will be in Paris from 12th to 17th of November and will stay at St Christopher's hostel (…), which looks pretty awesome. I hope it will be as good as it looks ;)

As Suzage told me, Paris Photo is taking place the time I'm in Paris, so I will visit the exhibition... though I haven't bought any tickets yet, because to mail them to me could probably take too long.

I'm really looking forward to this vacation as I've never been to Paris before. Anyone who can give me any hints about the city is welcome :)


Hi everyone,

I'm planning to do a little trip to Paris around 10th to 15th november. Mostly to get a break from work, chill out, see something new, meet new people...

Anyone who
1. can recommend a good hostel/place to stay
2. can recommend things like museums, places, restaurants, clubs, etc. I definitely have to see
3. wants to meet up for a coffee
4. likes to show me around
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know, that, if you have the chance to, go and listen to Feist ( live!
I've been to the concert in Frankfurt last sunday and it was just awesome. Great music and absolutely great show. So very artistic. I never thought shadows on a wall could be so cool ;)

I didn't bring a camera, because I wanted to just enjoy the show, so no photos from me.

On another note...some people seem to enjoy one of my oldest photos… lately...I just can't explain why, but thanks to everyone who faved it ;)
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I ordered a new camera yesterday. It is kind of a little birthday and diploma present for myself ;)

Canon EOS 40D Double Zoom Kit with EFs 17-85IS and EFs 10-22.

Though I wont quit analog photography at all. I hope I'll get some time soon to go to the lab again. I kinda miss the smell of fixer ;-)

Have a good week and happy easter! :)
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Hey all to you out there.

I guess its like a half year now since I was really active here on dA. Got 942 deviations and 335 messages still to read.
Its not like I don't have the time, but more like I got many different things in my head than photography and internet community stuff at the moment.

Finally found a pretty nice flat I'm moving in at the end of february. And february 15th is the colloquium (final oral exam) for my diploma thesis. So my life's pretty much changing right now. I have the feeling I kinda get mature or something like that. No more studies, no more living at my parent's...own flat, real job...kinda challenging ;-)
Well...enough of that boring life stuff.

The real reason I'm writing something again is to provide you with some really cool browser plugin I found today: PicLens ( It is awesome for browsing dA-galleries. Haven't tried it on flickr yet.

Oh and another thing: Watch HEROES!
Got Season 1.1 on DVD today. So I can finally watch it in English. The German translation isn't that bad, though.

Hope everyone's having a good time. I'll try to catch up on some journals and blogs again, soon.
Have a nice weekend.
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Hey guys,

I didn't visit deviantart very often in the last months. My life's changing alot these days. Yesterday, I finally finished my diploma thesis. Well, I had to. First, I had to finish it until November 30th, but after I started a new job November 1st, I got a bit troubled doing the job and the thesis at the same time. The university gave me 3 weeks extra, so I had to finish it until yesterday. Which I did, though I'm not really happy about how everything went.

Well, I've got a job, the thesis is almost out of my mind....I should be happy about it.

Oh, today I looked at a flat, which I'm probably moving in february.

So many things changing...

Hope to get some time for photography again.

Sorry, I'm boring you....just wanted someone to know how everything goes at the moment ;)

Have a good time.
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...have a look at deezer
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I got the equipment today and well, it looks a little messy and some parts I don't really know yet what they really are ;)
I will dig through the whole stuff some day next week and maybe I'll post some pictures on my blog for you to see what one can get for 4.50€ (well, I gave 5€ to the seller and didn't care about the generous of me, isn't it?  :mwahaha:) ;)


I bought this on eBay and will pick it up next saturday.
For anyone who doesn't read German, just have a look at the pictures and especially at the price ;)

I guess for the price, a 600km drive is ok :)
Well, I don't have room to set up the equipment at the moment, but I think it is worth it.
fixer is the new chanel no. 5!
Hi everyone,

I'm scanning a roll of 125PX at the moment and will probably post some photos soon.
I'm curious about the first photos I can see I took with the 35/1.8 and also about some I took with a Tokina 17/3.5 I borrowed from university.

This weekend I was on a leisure trip with my community. The weather was awesome (while it rained at home, haha) and I had so much fun I almost forgot to take any photos. I just shot half a roll of APX100 with the Yashica on the way to the hostel and then didn't touch the cameras and the 7 films I took with me for the whole weekend. Though I'm not really annoyed about this, because it was mostly because I had so much fun and things to do, that I didn't feel any intention to carry around a camera.

But this doesn't mean I didn't do anything photographic. We had several workshops, from sports, to boat riding, wellness....and photography of course!
My friend Markus and I provided a portrait photography workshop, where everyone could have taken portraits of themselves. First, nobody showed any interest and we had no applications. So we photographed Markus' girlfriend, who helped us out with the make up. After the day we had shot portraits of 3 girls and had to do another unplanned workshop the next day, because everyone was totally amazed by our photos :D
I had organized a small studio flash equipment with two strobes/softboxes from university and we used some improvised stuff (like a rescue blanket as reflector). I was responsible for the lighting and Markus took the photos. It was absolutely awesome. We had so much fun and the results really amazed us. We're a good team and everyone suggested we should do this professionally ;)
Maybe, if the "models" will allow it, I can show some of the photos we took.

So, this is it for today.
Hope you had a nice weekend, too.

Rokkor on!
I just updated my blog with a bunch of new photos.…

The new equipment arrived today, too. This will be a great weekend ;)


Damn, I can't believe it.
I just got the highest bid on a Minolta MD Rokkor 35mm/f1.8 a few minutes ago on ebay.
Got it for 82,77€ (+ 4,80€ shipping), which is quite a great price, because it comes with 3 filters (blue, lin. polarizer, skylight), front- and rearcaps, original tubular and lens hood.
Well, gotta drive to the bank now, to put some money on my account to pay this sweet thing ;)
i had a wonderful grill party with some friends yesterday. the weather was really nice and we had a lot of fun.
the not so funny part was, that my camera broke while shooting some photos.
the mirror of my minolta x-500 doesn't come down anymore, the shutter isn't working and the meter doesn't show anything, too.
sounds to me like its out of power, but i changed the batteries just three weeks ago and changed them again yesterday, but it didn't help. maybe its some kind of short curcuit, what i don't hope.
does anyone have any idea about this or does know a good repair service in germany, that handles minolta gear?


seems like i found out how i can repair it. i just have to take off the bottom of the camera and reset some part of the winding mechanism. though i didn't find a screwdriver yet, which is small enough ;)


wow, i'm so happy. i finally found the right screwdriver, took off the bottom of the camera and found the right thing to repair it. well, it is more a reset to the normal state, because i don't really know what caused the mirror getting stuck. maybe it will happen again, but now i know a way to fix the problem, though just temporarily. i hope it was a one time experience and wasn't some more major problem i can't see right now.
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for everyone european who likes contests:

and another interesting link for the german speaking:

have a nice weekend. hope you enjoy the easter days. don't eat too much eggs!
yeah...just yeah!

had a second job interview today regarding my diploma thesis.
i'm starting interesting subject, interesting company and i'm able to work mostly at home.
that's just hilarious!

hope my professor likes the theme as much as i do.

oh happy day!
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After two weeks of abstinence because my internet connection wasn't working (damn german Telekom), I'm online again.

343 deviations
94 messages

Well, guess this will take some time ;)

Hope you had a good time.

Developed some films last week and I guess I will scan them soon, so maybe some submissions in the next days.
Damn, whats up guys? Noone else in the mood to promote himself? ;)
My internet isn't working since friday and I'm now sitting at a university computer. I thought there would be some more response and my message box might be flooded now...but what the hell is up with you?


Thanks to Slimmons I am taking part in a nice little project. Usually, I'm not really into those chain mail things but this project sounded very interesting to me.
So here is how it works:
The first 10 deviants that comment on this journal will take part. First it will be my turn to choose my favourite 3 deviations of those commenter's galleries and post them here. The chain part will be, that those deviants should continue the project in their journal to make the chain go on.

Hope I'm having fun with it. Go on and promote yourself ;)

1. :iconspo0n:
     .tourist watching -…
     .scared -…
     .passion -…

2. :iconjohannesmvp:
     A life of their own -…
     Dinner for three -…
     Runaway -…









PS: Well, I'm not a subscriber, but I guess links to the deviations will do as well as thumbnails.
well, i wasn't very active in the last two weeks and am still a little busy. next week will give me some free time, finally. i plan to sit some hours in the dark room and maybe try out doing my first prints. and maybe i'm going for a little city tour in frankfurt to get my ass and camera back on the streets :-)

just wanted to share this:…

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...take an hour off and take a walk outside.
I did so just now. Took my camera with me, loaded with a roll of cheap kodak color film, and went into the woods nearby our house.
I'm usually not so much into nature photography, but there were some broken trees lying around, because of the storm last week. I tryed out the 28-55/f3.3 I got with my camera on christmas and even shot a macro :omfg:
I'm curious about the results. Will have to bring it to the store next week to get it developed.

Have a nice weekend. And to all those who are learning for tests and stuff right brave! it will soon be over :-)