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Ate all your mac and cheese
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Art Trade - Netebreaker

For me

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tall black trees

all pixels, icons for me

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Years And Years [Custom]

Characters i now own

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this makes my fangirl heart flutter

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OC Rumble Series 1: Katu vs Kyrin


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+ Supermassive Black Hole +

my friends amazing art, characters, extra

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be proud//personal art//

cute art

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100 Bad Days Make 100 Good Stories


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.: Squeaky :. (AT)


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love is all i need

my personal favs

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FREE Fire Alpaca User Stamp


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I hate this city

omg give me your talent

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I Wanna Make a Colour That No One Else Has Seen

inspirational art

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i love this

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Two sides of a spectrum...

Best art out there

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gamer cat base (laptop)


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pride flag//Commission//

I want to buy

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[F2U] Canine base!

i might try it out

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sighs this is true tbh

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! [v]

ilyy, i hope u feel better soon

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How dare-

u got me

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8 facts about my sona!!

Tagged by Netebreaker ( (hhhHHH sorry I should’ve done this earlier) 1. Post 8 facts about your character 2. Tag some people 3. Post their name along with their creator’s avatar ok she’s my sona so of course I’m going with Tone! 1. She has had 5 different color palettes, and it’s only turned brighter and more colourful every time I’ve changed her design 2. She’s named “Tone” and she has a treble clef necklace because I created her back when my username was still “SingingRedfox.” But I feel like that name suits her, and she loves music, so I decided to keep it! 3. She&

cool beans

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Can I have this dance?

ship it

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You made up your mind to leave it all behind

lots of hugs

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Wishlist 2019

I would like a custom of emo type of animal or if you'll like,You can draw my sonas at the bottom My favorite artist's: ~HuniiTea ( :iconpineapple-grenade: :iconnetebreaker: :iconufohouse: :iconmythicaldogg: :iconflommo: :iconchocobros: :iconcouffenoir: :iconjay-pines: :iconInfectedwaters: :iconmashylol: If anyone else wants to do it,you can! Add me on your wishlist too if you want! ^^


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Updates (please read)

a lot of personal stuff is going on im going to take a break to be able to think and do my schoolwork Commissions, owed art, and art trades are going to be on hold im sorry I don't know how long I'll be gone but don't worry I'll come back


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maxmoefoe: jump down jump down

maxmoefoe: and say that fucking gay shit idubbbz: *jumps down from table* I'M GAY*everyone laugh*

my raffle shared

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Toilet paper


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