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You've Been Talking in Your Sleep
Fandom: Aggretsuko
Title: You've Been Talking in Your Sleep
Rating: T [Alcohol]
Words: 450
Pairings: Haida/Retsuko
Summary: Haida and Retsuko have a relationship-altering conversation while slightly plastered.
When Haida officially started dating Retsuko, he quickly realized just how right he'd been when he said there was so much about her he didn't know. For instance, today Haida had learned that he drank much faster than Retsuko did.
The red panda was still nursing her first serving of beer while Haida rested his flushed head on the table and fiddled with his third empty glass. Thi
:iconnetbug009:Netbug009 17 9
Alone Again (Naturally) Chapter 1
Title: Alone Again (Naturally)
Chapter: 1 [Dust to Dust]
Rating: T [Canon typical violence/Rocket’s mouth]
Words: 750
Characters: Rocket Raccoon, Steve Rogers
Summary: Rocket isn’t at Avengers HQ to make friends.
“These are guest quarters for government officials,” Steve explained, finishing the brief tour of Avengers HQ. “You can stay here for the time being. We’ll be having a debriefing at 0200 hours.”
Steve Rogers had allowed himself five minutes to hold the dust of his best friend in his hands before locking his emotions back in their Star-Spangled box and entering full-on Captain America mode. He traversed the secluded nation where the battle for half of the known Universe had taken place and found no end to disappointments – for every member of his team alive, they came with news of s
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A Doctor, Sort Of
Fandom: Unikitty!
Rating: K
Words: 600
Pairings: Hawkodile/Dr. Fox
Summary: Dr. Fox wishes Hawkodile wouldn’t expect so much from her, or at least avoid getting so many stupid injuries.
"How did you even manage this? I thought it was leg day."
"Yeah, leg day: the day I use my arms to walk in case my legs get blown off."
Dr. Fox only sighed in response. The bodyguard had shown up at her lab ten minutes prior and presented her with the forearm he'd managed to snap clean off, trying his best to look completely casual about it despite the pained tears at the edges of his sunglasses.
"Hawkodile, you know my PhD is in Biochem, right?" Dr. Fox asked as she worked on taping back together and slathering ointment on Hawkodile's wound.
"Well yeah but, I mean, you fixed Rick's back just fine."
"Still…" as much as she appreciated having a willing test subject for her experimental healing ointments, her conscience picked at the back of her mind. One of these days, she
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Something Only Francesco Sees: Chapter 2

Fandom: Cars
Rating: T
Pairings: Francesco/OC, Some Mater/Holley + Lightning/Sally
Summary: Crime never leaves the world of racing alone, and the MI6 never leaves crime alone. But Francesco Bernoulli has bigger problems like finishing off another winning season, preparing his pit crew for the new World Grand Prix, and dealing with an extremely annoying critic. 
Chapter 2
"I know you've had some sleep, but try to rest on the plane, alright?"
"You got it!"
"And wait for your escort as soon as you land; don't wander about."
"I hear ya!"
"You remember the code phrase for escort identification?"
Holley sighed. She wished she could just see Mater home herself, but there was too much work to be done. She ran Mater through the escort process one more time before sending him off towards his gate. The two waved goodbye to one another with warm – sad – smiles and Holley sighed once Mater was safely on his f
:iconnetbug009:Netbug009 2 3
Something Only Francesco Sees: Chapter 1

Fandom: Cars
Rating: T
Pairings: Francesco/OC, Some Mater/Holley + Lightning/Sally
Summary: Crime never leaves the world of racing alone, and the MI6 never leaves crime alone. But Francesco Bernoulli has bigger problems like finishing off another winning season, preparing his pit crew for the new World Grand Prix, and dealing with an extremely annoying critic. 
Chapter 1
Two Adventures
If Francesco loved anything almost as much as he loved racing, it was the way the press raced to meet him afterward. The cameras flashed in his eyes blindingly and the chatter was too loud to comprehend – it all overtook his senses in the most magnificent way possible, removing him from reality and placing him ten meters in the air. Twenty if he won. And today – like most other days – Francesco hadn't just won. No, Francesco had absolutely dominated the raceway. It was the final race of the season, and he could have all but not sh
:iconnetbug009:Netbug009 2 2
House of Mirrors
Fandom: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
Rating: T
Words: 600
Summary: Mandarin will never be allowed a moment to himself again. Post-Series. 
A/N: MonkeyMindScream thought up the original concept, which I totally mangles. 
Skeleton King's new castle was a monster to navigate, filled to the brim with hallways that all looked the same and formless staff that couldn't offer directions. The towering walls were pure bone, polished so heavily one could see their reflection in it, making the structure even more akin to a confounding house of mirrors.
Mandarin realized he should have been more frustrated than he was, lost in his own home base with nobody but his reflection to talk to, but he found himself less motivated to get outside and take part in battle the more and more he wandered. Between the constant barrage of resentment came the occasional question: Why was he doing any of this? When had his loyalties shifted from wanting to rule Shuggazoom himse
:iconnetbug009:Netbug009 3 0
Blue Roses
Fandom: Ninjago
Rating: K+
Pairing: Jay/Nya
Words: 1500
Summary: Jay reminisces as he and Nya head together into the future.
Nya and Jay (and Jay's ever-excited parents) had tossed around a lot of ideas, but one thing about the wedding was always a given: blue roses. A single blue rose pinned to Jay's light blue tuxedo. Nya, adorned in a deep red kimono, carrying a blue bouquet. Petals of blue roses cascaded down the white isle that separates the two as the bride enters the room and silences the chatter of friends and family.
Jay can't even hear the strings start to play – all of his senses are focused on staring at his about-to-be wife and telling himself not to faint. He thinks he hears Cole lean over and mutter something to him teasingly but it doesn't register.
Nya sees how smitten Jay looks and the hundreds of awed eyes staring at her and clings tighter to her bouquet to resist fiddling with her hair and destroying hours
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Kanjou Mahou Key Visual Poster by Netbug009 Kanjou Mahou Key Visual Poster :iconnetbug009:Netbug009 5 1
There's Only One
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
Rating: T
Pairing: Raph/Mona
Words: 770
Summary: Meanwhile, in Space, the second Raphael has a strange encounter.
Raphael had never been more wrong in his life.
The red turtle had gone to space fully prepared for things to get even weirder than they were on Earth – and seeing how his last adventure back home had involved meeting his time travel double, that was saying something. Between his everyday life and several begrudged Space Heroes marathons, he was certain he was ready for any sort of strange alien creatures, planets, and adventures they might face.
He was so sure that there was nothing left in the Universe that could catch him off-guard, but nothing could have prepared him for when, a few days into their journey, a giant newt girl spotted him from across a crowded space port, marched over to him, grabbed him with her tail and unabashedly kissed him while his brothers watched, dumbfounded.
Through a haze
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guys look at this movie
look at this sweet robot
he's shaped like a friend


Went to Disney Springs yesterday and they have Kingdom Hearts themed drinks to celebrate the impending release and promote a demo station. So much hype. 
Soooo just saw Wreck-It Ralph 2 and it was better than Incredibles 2. Fight me internet. 
Me: Wow, Smash Ultimate has so many new characters to try out! I'm so excited!
Smash: Oh great! If you want to try out the new characters, you can swap to them as you unlock them in Adventure Mode! You don't have to play the whole mode as Kirby, you know!
Me: ...why on earth would i ever do that
Really upset about the loss of Stephen Hillenburg. I know a lot of you guys are more into action cartoons and have shared with me that you weren't really fans of comedy series like Spongebob, but you'd be hard pressed to find ANY segment of the television animation community that wasn't affected by this guy and his work. :'(


Kelly Paradise
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United States
I'm a Christian, writer, and all around geek living in the beautiful (if insane) state of Oregon. I love animation and do a bunch of silly doodling related to it.


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