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OC Fair 2018

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2018, 1:45 AM

Hey so... I think people should make a habit to practice their basic math skills. Like I find it incredible that some people don't know how percentages work or how people don't know how to calculate gratuity in their heads. I stopped being good at math when geometry made it not fun, but like in the real world are you seriously unable to turn 69% into a decimal? Like you're STUCK with your calculator because it doesn't have the percentage button? You'd think somebody who owns an iPhone could figure out how to turn numbers into fractions, but whatever. Holy moly, guys.

* * * * *

Went to the OC Fair, y'all!

Fair it up!

I actually had to go by myself this year since it kinda creeped up on me and I had a super secret project pop up in July so like... I was busy??? BUT! That's okay because on August 10th, I went to the fair!

Haven't been to the fair by myself since 2014. The only plus side to going solo was that I could do whatever I wanted without interruptions like restroom breaks or having to eat someone else's 20-dollar charbroiled nonsense because they were full after 2 bites and didn't realize the exhibit halls prohibit you from carrying your slushie around inside. Like dawg, was it worth it? WAS IT WORTH IT???

The closest thing to rotting food that day.

It was like 2 days before the end of the fair, so most of the rotting food was gone. So sad. But do you know what was even more sad???


OMG I WAS SO UPSET!!!!! Each year I would come to that very spot and be intrigued by the magic. I was even shamed for not supporting his booth last year. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize that I should have totally purchased a magic trick from the booth. But in my defense... I didn't know he wasn't gonna show up this year. Had I known... I would have purchased some of his amazing magic tricks to wow my pals for like 4 minutes before they look up the trick tutorial on Youtube. If you come back next year, I'll bloody buy something omg.

Yum yum! Gimme some of that!

This wasn't the first time I tried a deep fried Klondike bar. They did make it fresh for me, but by the time I found a seat like 95% of the thing had melted inside. It was a hot day too, so cracking that bad boy open and hoping for a somewhat cold center would've been nice. Oh well.

Had fun, yo.

Ended up spending a whole 4 hours and 20 minutes doing everything I wanted, so I'd probably be exhausted had I gone with other people. Hopefully next year I could be better prepared for all that fun haha.

* * * * *

How have I been doing? Eh... still drawing but not finishing anything. Skin is a little better but I've got some bad flare ups here and there. Also it's so bloody HOT right now that it's so hard to fall asleep omg! I may elaborate on other recent art stuff later on since I don't like mentioning doing something and then giving up like those failed projects in the past. I do have to start drawing for myself as well--even if I end up with some bland pieces. Who knows, yo!

Will try to make another journal before the end of next month. I'm really bad at social media in general, but I think I need to start putting myself out there more. Ugh... the dilemma.

Current Journal Scheme: Old Summer
(June 2018 - August 2018)

I'll Never Forget You by Netaro
I'll Never Forget You

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Revealing my thoughts on Cartoonist Wannabe -…

EDIT (07-01-10): Just learned that she came back to hide comments that she didn't like! Like this one!
Someone's afraid to accept it.
Someone's afraid to accept it.

EDIT (09-04-10): Have been informed that she has returned. What's the point of leaving forever if you're only gonna come back? Psycho.


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Hey Frank are you into that Aggretsuko thing everyone has been hyping about?
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No. I have it on my to-watch list... but I don't think I will?
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Happy Camp Lazlo Day for you, too! :)
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