Characters becoming NPCs - Wtf??

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Yeah so, what's this about now???

Nymble, Dryft, and Inka have officially gone through heavy revamps (especially Dryft) and are now considered NPCs! 
They pretty much already were NPCs before, just owned by me and went through the system like every other Wyngro. 

But what does this mean? Who owns them? Does Nestly own them still or?

You guys, I own Wyngro. So technically all of the NPCs are under my ownership and control. These guys are no different. The only difference is their involvement in Wyngro related plots will more involved. Think of them as the main protagonists. 

But WHY?

Several reasons. 
One reason is control. Being in the "system" so to speak, I had to adhere to Wyngro rules which inhibited my ability to progress things at the speed I wanted to while still following the rules. I liked doing this, because let me "play the game" with everyone else, have fun, and let me characters build relationships with other artists gros. 

While this was a ton of fun, and very motivating, in the end, it really fucked me over. 
Several friends that had characters heavily involved in plot suddenly left or transformed their characters into OCs with no communication or willingness to work out issues with the plot I was invested in. So thems the breaks when it comes to plotting with friends. Unfortunately, things like this sometimes happen. 

Unfortunately for me, as the owner of the group, I had plots that seriously impacted the future and plot development of the entire group, and I can no longer afford to revamp everything at the drop of a hat whenever a friend decides to leave for whatever reason. I need control of all of the characters in play, basically. 

It would be like trying to make a webcomic where some of the character were not owned and controlled by you. It just doesn't work. 

What will happen to your other characters?

Mingle and Giacomo will also be given heavy revamps that will become NPCs. 
Zin is a special case in that he and his crew in Cressport will slowly grow into Cressport NPCs, sort of. You'll have to wait and see on that one. (Basically everything with him will not change)
Anyu will stay right where she is and be weird and my one Wyngro I can play the game with. She's not important to any plot I have, so she can just be wild and free in the background. 

Should I tag you if I draw giftart of them?

It's up to you! I certainly won't mind, so feel free to! 

What's with the style change? 

I've been developing this stretchy, more cartoony style for the last month to find something more simplified, unified, and overall, FUN to draw! I am a very big fan of comics and visual story telling, so this will make it much more pleasant in making more of that possible. I hope you enjoy the style as well!

So what happened to the characters? Are they brand new? Did all the stuff in the past never happen?

Correct. Everything you've ever known about these characters in the past, you will have to start fresh knowing their pasts have been wiped clean. These are character revamps after all! Elements in their previous pasts I might cameo in, use in some way or another, but I've basically revamped the entire story I had planned and tweaked it in a way I think makes much more sense and will be even better in the long run. Don't worry. Although the circumstances in me needing to do this are shitty, it's entirely a GOOD THING and much needed at the end of the day. This will pave way for better, faster plots coming out, progression of the group in general, and honestly things will just make a whole lot more sense. 

(Like seriously... did anyone think Nymble and Dryft were related before? It was a bit silly) 

What if I previously had plot with these gros? Can they still be friends or whatever?

Although I don't think there are very many lingering plot threads hanging from people still active in Wyngro, I am very sorry if I messed up any relationships by revamping these characters. If I have and you do have concerns, just contact me! I'm happy to work things out. 
Although I may not reflect a relationship on my side with comics or stories, their personalities are all pretty similar, so feel free to use these characters as friends for your gros if you'd like. 

I hope that all makes sense and didn't shock anyone's system too much! Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions though. 

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Thank you!! :heart:

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If only I wasn't so horrified by revamps...
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I have one question that's directed at one character presented in this journal.
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I would like to ship my Wyngro with Dryft. BUT! It will be non-cannon, so it won’t be uploaded into the group and won’t count wyns for it. It will be drawn out of fun. I will by 100% understand if you won’t allow this and I’ll respect it.
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I mean, anyone is welcome to draw whatever they want really. 
FeatherOfFourSeasons's avatar
If you say so ^^ thank you for answering my question (And I just wanted to be 100% so I decided to ask first)
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Wow! That's really cool! I'd make a giftart, but I'm not a part of wyngro.
Am I allowed to make gift art if I'm not part of the group? Cause I really like Nymble. He's really cute and reminds me of Blueberry sans.
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Of course you’re allowed to draw gift art! XD
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I like the change, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
Nestly's avatar
Thank you so much!
WowzaDawg's avatar
Yee, this change makes sense. And damn, that’s crazy to think basically the whole thing will get re-told! In a way that really is some cool alternate universe stuff. //At least now I have an answer to why Nymble is younger than Inka cuz that confused the heck outta me
Looking forward to it~ and yes I lov lov that new style, dawg, bouncy and cartoony is my jam.
Nestly's avatar
It really is, haha. Crazy, a bit sad, so much scraped comics and work, but I can at least use it as a base to go forward and make it even better than before! There were so many half baked plot holes anyways, haha.
SORRY YEAH lol. No more 'Nymble finds Inka's egg' story, yeah that's one of the biggest changes.
Thank yoouuuuu~!
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i actually really love your new style! its really bouncy and fun and expressive. And with your gro becoming npcs, i think it was a good choice. still pretty shocked about dryft thought :' ) but i like the changes!
Nestly's avatar
Hey thanks so much! Exactly what I was going for!
Dryft is a big shock I will admit! I hope when I have time to do more with them it'll be easier to except the change though.
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I like the changed to be honest, I think aging them down and making them NPC was the right thing to do story wise. I am curious to know if you will be making another wild and free background character org not in the future, mainly because so much of the fun is being a wild and free background character in this group that I almost feel like it would be a shame to not have more then one. 
Nestly's avatar
Glad you think so!
Hahaha it seems like everyone wants me to make more player characters. XD But remember the NPCs are still usable to interact with and I love seeing that too!
But I might make some just to play with and get used to-- develop personalities for. I think that would be a fun idea for sure.
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((This is definitely an interesting change but I'm certainly looking forward to the opportunities that this new change will bring along with it. ^w^ It's almost like stepping into an alternate universe in a way! XD Though I can't help but wonder... Will this new NPC Nymble still have the internally conflicted/"happy mask" side to his personality that the old Nymble had or has he lost that now?)) 
Nestly's avatar
Yeah it really does seem like that haha.

And that’s a good question. I would say that the current iteration of Nymble Doesn’t have that conflict right now, mostly because I went and made him a lot younger. But that’s definitely something that will probably develop in time.
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Oh! One (maybe two) more question(s)... mostly regarding Nym's age. So... because the hets are tied to lore, does this mean they're all are around the same age? If yes, does this mean that the later generations of hets (dual specifically but also ring) are still wynglings as far as the in universe story goes or is that just one of the blurry lines between mechanics and canon?)) 
Nestly's avatar
Ahhh it’s all a bit blurry since everyone in the group goes at their own pace. XD an older character does not necessarily mean older in age.
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If there mind is pretty much wiped and there like "new" then is the warptide story still cannon?
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Warptide unfortunately is no longer canon. :( I’ll have to change the website sometime, but it’s probably currently still abandoned and scary and stuff.
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