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Wyngro Auction - IMPS [CLOSED]

By Nestly
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Finally.... IMPS! Can you believe it's been a year since the last batch?
Well Merry Christmas and good luck to those that are interested in obtaining this rare subspecies of Wyngro!



Arrow left Purchasing one of these does NOT take up a Wyngro slot. 
Arrow left This is an AUCTION. If you would like to bid, please reply to the specific featured comment below! 
Arrow left Paypal or Points Points ( $1=100 Points ) But please no point bids over 8,000 Points
Arrow left Starting Bid: $10
Arrow left Minimum Increase: $5
Arrow left Novas: may be used in this auction! Can be combined with other currencies.
Arrow left Ending: Each individual auction will end after 48 hours have gone by without someone else outbidding you.
Arrow left Winners must pay within 48 hours of the winning bid or the adopt will go to the next highest bidder. 
Arrow left Winning bids over $100 will have a magnet shipped to them in the mail free of charge! This is to cover myself from charge backs and provides proof of purchase, so your address will be needed. (And hey, free laminated magnet of your new character!) Will ship anywhere in the world.

Imps Magnets by Nestly


Each Wyngro has a name, gender & small bio that you may or may not keep. Just to encourage character development and inspire people to adopt them! :D (Big Grin)
Pavlova's eyes are closed, so you get to pick this Wyngling's eye color! ;)

Once paid for, in order to make this Wyngro officially yours, you must upload your own drawing of it to the Approved babies folder. (You may add this drawing to it if you wish!)
As always, thank you for supporting this group! <3


Story: As the celebrations of decorating trees with fruits and enjoying the glow of Lumibugs, Alma and her many "kids" were too busy to notice a strange couple of eggs had been left by the door of the Nook.
To Alma's astonishment, the eggs appeared to be pure Imp eggs! Quickly her and some fellow Wyngrew helped bring them into the hatchery and warm them up. It was unknown if they were siblings or mere random Imp eggs brought from Antova. Why were they here? Imps so rarely made it outside of Antova, and this was the first time the Nook had ever obtained the subspecies in egg form before. (Aside from a Misadventures where Nymble happened to find two Imp eggs)
Alma knew that with their rarity, they would be sure to find new homes though!


["Silas"] - Tan and brown Imp ♂

Silas just loves music. If he could, he'd play a song for every emotion he'd ever felt. He's a kind-heated soul, but often lacks tact, and can hurt others feelings with the "honest truth". When Alma tells other Wynglings to "never lie", she is often educating Silas on the art of "white lies", at least enough for Silas to stop accidentally insulting his sensitive peers. This also makes him a terrible secret keeper.
Among that, though, Silas adores thunderstorms, and giving everyone a funny nickname.

["Pavlova"] - Tan and pink Imp

Pavlova, like her namesake, loves to indulge in sweets. She seems to eat when anxious, even. Although this girl is easily excited about the quirkiest things, (Such as finding a misshapen bean, or seeing a Gurp fall over) she can also be quick to irritate. (Note: Don't hum around her! It drives her insane!) Pavlova also seems to have a hard time focusing one more than one thing at a time, often leaving many projects forever unfinished. When she does finish something, she goes out of her way to find praise for her hard work, feeling depressed if no one noticed her. She can be hard to handle, but is a friend for life if you let her latch on!

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DarknessTheRouge's avatar
wow thats alot of money.......i probably cant get one but maybe in a few years
mothfeets's avatar
i cant wait for the next imp auctionnnn
not only are the characters great but i like how the money goes towards a group that has been actually really helpful in managing my depression as of late, it helps me stay on a schedule and try new thingssss
Nestly's avatar
Awwww that's really great to hear that it's helping you! <3 
There won't be another auction for a while, but so much fun stuff planned don't worry. >D
Moonjelli's avatar
Dear Lord 500 for a Character!
I would never be aloud to spend that much on something that exists virtually not would I have the money to do so.

Nestly your have a pretty functional business running here.
Nestly's avatar
Well when you spend 40+ hours/week on something you'd hope to make some kinda money. x'D 
Sadly that's not even 2 months of rent and these auctions are few and far between. 
CheakyCreature's avatar
You people are crazy XD $500 for a character is way to much XD
RhykeDragon's avatar
Pavlova........... ;-;
I've been weak for pink related designs aahhh.

I am glad these are going so well for you!!! its really inspirational
Nestly's avatar
Awww thank you! Much appreciated! It's been a lot of work, but meeting such nice people from it has made it so worth it!!
RhykeDragon's avatar
with hard work comes great rewards, and everything about the wyngro community is nice
Dragotan's avatar
These guys are so beautiful <3
Nestly's avatar
Thank you. 8')
doedreamiing's avatar
whispers is there ever going to be inexpensive/free MYO imps?? ;v;
$500 for a character is mind boggling *anxious laughter*
Nestly's avatar
It's up to the members and how much they're willing to pay for them! Unfortunately I cannot control that-- Imps will always be very rare and auctioned sparingly.

However, other subspecies in the future will be more accessible! :D
doedreamiing's avatar
ah okay uvu
do you think there will be customs? like runeboo customs, but imp customs?
just an idea!! 
Nestly's avatar
They will never be flat priced. But a custom Imp auction is possible!
cryptidswithvertigo's avatar
aww their so cute! But alas, i have 0 dollars X'D
Space-Sburbian's avatar
jeez did this auction go from 0 to 100 real quick q7q...
RoseThornThicket's avatar
Awww... Silis... Geeze what a cutie.. if only I wasn't broke... ;;^;;
ooReiko's avatar
C-R-U-N-C-H-Y's avatar
oh no. What did you do.
I already spent my Christmas money.
Nestly's avatar
Hahaha that was fast!
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