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Tasty Personalities (Flavor Traits)



What's a Runeboo?

Runeboo Guide - Information Intro by Wyngrew Or CLICK HERE to learn more! </span>

A quirk that most Wyngro have is describing the personality of an creature by what’s called a “flavor trait”.

These labels are used when purchasing pets or are used to help describe them to another Wyngro. Sometimes Wyngrew will even use these flavor traits to describe other Wyngrew.

“Oh she’s a spicy one! But underneath I know how mild and even sweet she can be.”

  • Sweet - Gentle, Kind
  • Juicy - Exciting, Fun
  • Minty - Perky, Chipper
  • Creamy - Nurturing, Affectionate
  • Crisp - Cool, Confident
  • Zesty - Daring, Bold
  • Savory - Wise, Seasoned
  • Fresh - Naive, Innocent
  • Tart - Snide, Witty
  • Mellow - Lazy, Laid Back
  • Mild - Apprehensive, Shy
  • Soggy - Melancholy, Scared
  • Spicy - Naughty, Sassy
  • Tangy - Goofy, Idiotic
  • Salty - Crude, Awkward
  • Rotten - Obnoxious, Troublesome
  • Sour - Aloof, Unpleasant
  • Bitter - Angry, Irritated
  • Toxic - Aggressive, Threatening

This is how we gauge their personality. You can use these traits to help find one that will sync well with your Wyngro character!

The top tasty traits are all Runeboos that will be easy to tame and are generally tempered well and suitable for new homes!

The bottom traits are considered more undesirable as they go down. You will never see a Toxic personality in Kalypso's Pet Shop. These Runeboos are considered fearful and can be dangerous. Toxic personalities were not treated very well in their last home. Please keep in mind that Bitter and Toxic especially need a lot of patience and work to tame them!

You can also stop by the Rescue Center if you no longer wish to care for a Runeboo you own. We will adopt it back out for you. :D

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GriffoBird's avatar
could your custom pet have multiple flavor traits, such as Sweet and Mellow?
Nestly's avatar
I mean we just label them as one, but you can use them as you like of course!
shinysnivyandumbreon's avatar
Once I get money for this account... MUST MAKE RUNEBOO. TOO CUTE.
Stassii's avatar
WHen the runboo shop will be open again I NEED a Mild runboo >:v
And tha'ts ouf course will be in my birthday when ill get my money..
Nestly's avatar
Last time we made a batch they sold in just a day. x'D Sorry. We will try to draw some more soon!
Stassii's avatar
WEll, hopefully in my birthday ill get more than 35$, so.. maybe ill ask for a costume! in my birthday.. (6/10)
Nestly's avatar
Stassii's avatar
of course it is x3
Skr7's avatar
The bitter one looks like Delphox. XD
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((So, I wanna draw the runeboos here who have owners but I can't see anywhere that the owners of them are listed. Do you know which belongs to who?

I have listed the owners I am aware of -
Sour - Esso the buttface. I know he's mine.
Spicy - RandomComicSheet
Juicy and Mild - Thlyatara
Fresh - Ascyrd
Crisp - Feralgator))
galacticpink's avatar
Jahva owns the Zesty one! :>
Nestly's avatar
I was thinking of making a master list in that sense. I might do that!
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((That would be SUPER helpful. ^u^))
galacticpink's avatar
Hey, do we get coins for drawing these guys? Not sure how coins work with Boos. XD
Nestly's avatar
Not yet! But I plan to post something about that soon!
galacticpink's avatar
Gotcha! :D I'll hold off on submitting Curri's first picture until then!~
Nestly's avatar
Thanks for your patience!
xerion567's avatar
:O Woah, you put together 18 new designs, just like that? Seriously, your creativity has no limits! :D
Nestly's avatar
Well I just drew and lined them. :] Pannzilla colored most of these! YAY teamwork!
xerion567's avatar
Yaaay! I love teamwork! shar yaaay explode  Sadly, I'm terrible at it ;v;
CookiePhantom's avatar
Oooh the designs are all so spot-on!  They correspond to their personality traits perfectly.  My favorites are creamy, mellow, toxic, and fresh.  Man I'm hungry.
Nestly's avatar
Awww so glad you think so! Thank you very much! :D
And me too omg, haha.
xXlSalimuslXx's avatar
... Are they edible?
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