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Reuniting Imps

By Nestly
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334534 by Pannzilla<--Pann's version of the same timeline/event

Yeeepppp this was supposed to be finished during that one weekly prompt but I decided it would be REAL FUN TIME to do a painted lineless comic. 

Anyways. Inka used to drag Kinshi/Geratu around as kids but they haven't seen one another since they grew up. 
Inka is determined to get to know him better now that he's a hot sexy man! 
RIP Inka why do you fall for the oblivious shy guys. 

There were some legit cameos and then I just stopped trying. x'D Have fun trying to spot some. 

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13/827  Wyn by Wyngrew
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i love her crazy hair curl omg
a noodle on a noodle :eyes:

inka ur 2 cute, 2 bad geratu dont notice that :"(
( ur still crazy for doing this all lineless omg )
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She's gonna get real sad soon when none of her crushes notice her hahaha. 
And yes, I know. 8')
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It's so very pretty Nes, I love the lineless painted style, but dang you sure do like to torture yourself, don't you? XD

Very cute story too, I love how she's just talking to him, but he's far too busy listening to Sevver, haha 
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Maybe a litttttle. 8') But HEY it was a good experiment!

Inka ironically just cannot get noticed. x'D 
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This is amazing and just pure
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just the way you do lineless is awesome!
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Why would you do this to yourselllffffffff

painting Gro is such a painful processssss

but it does look pretty darn good! 

Loving the little linked comics here XD
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Pffft the in the middle hearing "wtf are they doing" 
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Inka please ;-; 
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Pfffffffffftttttttttt Inka why XD
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