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NPC: Zagor

By Nestly
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Old Ref! Original Designer: Feligriffin
Zagor got a new "modern" looking reference! His design has been slightly altered as well to be a bit less busy on his head and somewhat easier to draw.
We also changed his magic expertise a bit to better fit his character.

Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Zagor Rudork
Arrow left Sex: Male
Arrow left Current Age: 29
Arrow left Form: Bump Nose, Bipedal
Arrow left Upgrades:  Human hair | Thumbs | Ram horns | Pupils | Lion tail | Colored tongue | Hind hooves | Brow changer | Body fluff | Neck fluff | Jagged mouth | Pudge ears | Visible small claws | Fluffy limbs | Batty back wings
Arrow left Quirks: Excitable, Exaggerating, Dramatic, Show-Off, Affectionate, Encouraging, Excessive, Tough, Persistent. Loves children. Tamed only by Netty.

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends: [Gulch]
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: [Dr. F]  <--Always getting on his case. Wonder why.
Arrow leftGirlfriend: Ms. Netty :heart:
Arrow leftMagic:

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element  Fire | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Advanced
Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Ice Pixel Element  Ice
| Level: Advanced

Tiny Star Bullet PASTTiny Star Bullet

Zagor doesn't recall much of his own past, as most of his memory has blurred away with time. He only faintly remembers being born in a small rural village, away from civilization. Zagor was raised in a small hatchery up in a snowy mountainous area. (Parents unknown, as with many Wynglings) Never really feeling attached to the town he lived in or its townsfolk, Zagor would often wander far into the wilderness.
He later joined a band of nomads when they passed through town one fateful day. Living most of his life jumping from a place to another, he gathered a lot of knowledge in the land, and started being tutored by one of his fellow travelers in magic.
However, the nomad style of teaching was far different from the fancy city techniques. His mentor had him pass through all sorts of dangerous situations, as they believed the best way to have a Wyngling learn was through experimentation in reality. It took Zagor years of heavy training sessions to achieve his current level, and before long he was making his own trip into self-enlightenment.
It was then he decided to start a journey of survival on his own, giving himself many probation tests.
Until the fateful day he wandered into Wynsiph and met Netty. Falling in love with her, he decided to finally settle down and join his girlfriend in teaching at her school.

Zagor will sometimes join Ms. Netty for her classes, sometimes even subbing for her! He is most advanced in Ice Magic!

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITYTiny Star Bullet 

Zagor is confident, often jumps to action and is a HUGE show-off (specially around Netty). A big adrenaline maniac, he can be quite extreme, but always means well. When not teaching, he's a big cuddly doofus that likes walking in the forest and playing with young Wynglings. Because of the nomad tendencies he's hardly spotted in the same place for more than 30 minutes, and is very active and physically capable. He is very submissive when it comes to Netty and prefers to shut up over arguing with her.
Zagor has a very "in your face" attitude about all things and because of this, can irratate many Wyngrew around town. No one gets more on his case than Dr. F, though. The local doctor is always scolding him for putting young Wynglings in danger or overworking them.
Sometimes Zagor will visit his friend Gulch at the Smokey Bluff Forge and drain some energy by working with mallets on the anvil and such.
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He has a pretty nice design! Then again, all the NPCs do
It said on the website he likes playing with wynlings, so I'll draw that.
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When I first saw the pallette in the picture, coupled with the title 'teacher & fitness expert' I thought "Jock art teacher".
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this comment always makes me burst out in laughter hehehe
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This fluffy goofball! *hugs 'chokes' Zagor to death*
I noticed that some of the markings on his face has been taken out. xD
It did look cool on him, but this makes things easier. <3

Still... A fluffy hyperactive big loveable guy. xD
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Characterexpressions Zagor Whut by Nestly Zagor: OOF!! *is choked*

Yeah just makes my life easier with all these icons I had to draw, for one, hahaha.
Redesigns are for the best sometimes! I definitely want more future NPCs to be a bit more simplified for the member's sake. *EYEBALLS Ascynd* lol
RabidWuff's avatar
Hahaha! I really love thos expression icons! XD *chokes him moar!!!* <3

Yeah, it would be easier but would be nice to have balance too! I guess there are a bit complicated NPC's already
Like Azoth... the elegant erm dreamy teach. <3 HAHA XD 
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Awww thank you. <333
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