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NPC: Azoth

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NPC: Azoth by Wyngrew

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just noticed that this is listed on the npc page in the website ;A;
not the new one
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Hmmm...I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but can a wyngro learn dark magic if they have a really good story and motivation for it? Or is it legitimately impossible? 

Also if this the wrong place to ask I am so sorry T^T
Nestly's avatar
Impossible right now! 
DrChaos113's avatar
Alrighty! Thank you!
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Just letting you know, there's a small typo in the Fun Fact and Past sections: "Those who still remember him from Anvota" "the kingdom of Anvota"
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Updated! Although this is not the official ref anymore! 
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Okay nope, Azoth is my favorite <3 He's omg awesome
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I saw him awhile ago,but it took awhile to find where berry's personality was going. Berry would most likely, much to Azoth's displeasure, freak out and jump about due to the fact he's an imp. She's an adventurer nerd Hahaha.
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Sounds like someone Bandit would LOVE to annoy!!

(She wants to learn Dark magic, even though she's still a Wyngling)

(She's pissed because she can't)
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Wynglings are brought up learning that Dark Magic is evil and would not normally be interested in it. They'd be frightened and wouldn't want to talk about it.
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Bandit's not exactly.... er... normal. 

i think she'll probably just be like 'teach me magic' every time she sees him

because shes annoying
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This isn't your ordinary every day darkness...
This is advanced darkness.

it had to be done
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Whats an imp wyngro?
Nestly's avatar
An unreleased subspecies. :]
skittletak's avatar
Ohh, so like a, creators only species? Thats cute, i think it should stay like that, because then its unique to you and your friends
Nestly's avatar
Hahah noooo they well be available to members eventually! XD
skittletak's avatar
Well alrighty, but they are very cute as a sub species still :P
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>/////> I LOVE him :heart:

<U< I wonder what he will do is a Wyngro sneakninto his home begging him to teach it Shadow Magic.
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He will politely turn them away "for their own good". >D hehe.
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Oh Azoth, poor you! With so many Wyngrew wanting to learn shadow magic XD
Nestly's avatar
He's mostly trying to keep them safe so they don't get in trouble for messing around with it since it's illegaaaaal. ;D
RandomComicSheet's avatar
Illegal is fun <7<

Dont worry Azoth.... I will find a way to manipulate shadows and make them dance in the night! WOOOOOO
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Azoth has to be my fav npc, must do fanarts soon. I was wondering, well when *cough* shadow magic *cough* was available, if maybe we could rp?

I wanted to see, if maybe like I could get azoth to kinda be Loki's mentor when Loki started shadow magic? Cause Loki heard of him and has looked up to him since he was a Wingling and was fasinated about shadow magic. But of course, I wanted to ask your permission and see if youy would like to do that???

It's alright if you don't though cuase you might have plans for azoth! Well thanks for reading my comment! Still my fav NPC!!!!
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Azoth is not technically allowed to even talk about dark magic. ;)

Dark magic is unavailable right now but there will be ways to learn it later!

A lot of people ask to RP with me just because of Azoth, which I'm all for! But he also IS an NPC and can be used in stories without me as well.
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