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Inka and Pona - Experimental painting

By Nestly
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Was playing in Krita but meeehh I don't like it. Back to SAI like always! 
Was a fun jaunt at least haha. 

It's Inka and her little baby boo Pona! Pona is playing with Inka's ear haha. Inka seems lost in thought~


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aaww cute!! also i have trouble with Krita to XD
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I'm getting Krita now

I tried SAI before and its good
but the free trial expired

thank you for finding another art program (that I didn't know of--)

(this is amazing btw)
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I recommend paying for SAI, it's well worth it and not too much to budget. But I hope Krita is fun for you to dabble in as well! Try Firealpaca as well. It's free too. 

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Awww, Pona is too darn cute playing with those ears!
That pink tone gives off some really interesting colouring in here, I really like it.
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Thanks Sand! Funky colors whooo! (I blinded myself lol)
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Ponaaaaa <3 I've missed seing this little cutie
Inka looks really cool in this picture though, even though you didn't like Krita, hah. 
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Hahaha thanks! Mostly just experimenting with all the weird brushes was fun. :XD: But the color picker took so long to use and the tools just weren't at my fingertips enough. 
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I nearly forgot Ry's horns on my own traditional piece you're not the only one with that problem xD

Nnnhhhh Pona so squish I wanna cuddle the little slug baby...
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Just not used to them yet. 8') Maybe when they grow more I'll remember. 
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I'm glad you had fun with it even if it's not the program for you! This is beautiful. I love. Precious Inka and her lil boo. ;U; Pona pawing at her earlop is probably the cutest thing~
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Hahahaha thanks I'm glad you like it! :D
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The sketchy look to this and the colours look nice! And Inka's new hair and lil' lop ears look cute. The new look definitely fits her better. 
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Aww thank you so much! ^w^ I love drawing her a whole lot more now!
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Sooooo pretty!
Everytime I see your art of Inka my craving for imps intensifies.
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Hahahah ohnoes. XD But thank you!
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Ahhh, this is so pretty :0
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Thanks so much!
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You're welcome!
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