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Hereeeeee we go! Inka's new look! I hope you all like her makeover, haha. I really liked the lop ears on her so I had to just go for it. 8')
Her design was slightly influenced by an older character I made a long time ago that I still love. So I borrowed some aspects of her into Inka!

yellow heart bullet  Inka's Profileyellow heart bullet 

{ Divider } -- Animated Stars by Hardrockangel

Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Inka
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Current Age: 16 (generally in human years)
Arrow left D.O.B.: December 26th 
Arrow left Form: Imp, Bipedal
Arrow left Upgrades: Fluffy Cheeks, Elegant Hair, Long Curl Tail, Double Dew Claws, Horn Stubs, Thumbs, Brow Changer, 
Arrow left Quirks: Friendly, giggly, flirty, emotional, sassy, elegant, sweet, open book, easily cries, easy to flatter. 
Arrow left Accessories: Flower pin that Alvern made for her! 
For Inka by CocoaAkeelahKitten

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftCurrent Residence: The Nook
Arrow leftFriends: [ Nymble ] [ Djehuti ] [ Nida ] [ Lamar ] [Wieli]  [Papillon]  [Misty]  [Mari]  
Arrow leftRivals: [ Chacha ]
Arrow leftFamily:  [Ico (brother)]   [Nymble (looks up to like an older bro)] [Silas (god-son)]  
Arrow leftCrushes: [ Geratu ] [ Wieli ]
Arrow leftAccepting Roleplays: YES! (But you need to be a decent writer and nag me!)
Arrow leftMagic: 
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element  Earth | Level: Beginner (but she sucks at it. )

Arrow leftAccessories: lots of pretty clothing she makes herself. 
Arrow leftCompanion/pets: Pona the Runeboo!

Tiny Star Bullet Origin Story Tiny Star Bullet

Inka's origin story was all explain via flash comics! You can start reading them here!

Nymble's Eggcellent Discovery [Part 1] by Nestly

Tiny Star Bullet DescriptionTiny Star Bullet

Sooooon. (I'm lazy)

Tiny Star Bullet Upgrade shit:Tiny Star Bullet

Unlimited colors/tint change:

Inka Tintchange by Nestly
20+ deviations as proof here

Lop Ears:
"Draw an NPC at least once"
Proof: On the hunt - Part 3

Long Curl Tail:
"Draw the Wyngro you want this upgrade for interacting withan NPC at least once!"
Proof: Reuniting Imps

Horn Stubs: needs no proof
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interesting creature , cute character 
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Thanks! She's a bit different these days! 

NPC: Inka by Wyngrew
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some of her expressions in the updated version incorporate nickelodeon animation. i was wondering about that. one of you're profiles says you like those dated nickelodeon cartoons but you're style looks like anime most of the time   
Nestly's avatar
I just have a very cartoony style in general haha
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also im working on a subspecies concept-
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ohh very late commenting but I love her lil hair accessory! Just came back to admire her changing design lmao
Nestly's avatar
LOL nice. XD I'm glad you like it! Good old Zucca lives on through Inka, haha. 
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wait so what happened to her tiny wings?
Nestly's avatar
I ripped em' right off! (Simplified. Didn't really need them)
tristallyngirl's avatar
ah ok
*slowly removes wings from picture*
Nestly's avatar
what picture? XD
tristallyngirl's avatar
random one i'm drawing XD
Nestly's avatar
OH hahaha well don't sweat the small stuff! XD It's okay if not everything is 100% accurate in an evolving species!
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dislikes tacos


:^( what did tacos do to inka
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She's too indecisive to decide what to put in them. 8'( They're also super messy and get all over her hair. 
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she has pupils
tristallyngirl's avatar
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Hahaha glad to hear it!
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likes: glitter 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

she looks so cute im love her
Nestly's avatar
Bwahahah! >D she puts glitter on everything!

And thanks!
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There she is! The curly girl! I liked her bright yellow before but her autumnish palette is super neat! 

Inka's having a bad time in those expressions, lol.
Nestly's avatar
Hahaha thanks I'm glad you think so. XD 

Lol not sure why I always make her look dramatic. 8D
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