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How far you've come - Nymble

Wyngro Sticker - Past Self by Wyngrew

Awwww, look how much Nymble has grown. <3
He's been through a lot and has developed in more than just his looks.
Through a happy, outgoing exterior lies a lot of conflict and uncertainty.
But you'll never know, because he hates to show it. Very prideful, this one.

I just love Nymble, and I can't wait to see how he develops going further!
7/497 (+3 for weekly prompt) Wyngro Coin

* Nymble's Profile* 
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I love this! They're just exploding with life.
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Awww thanks! :D
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Naww cute little Nymble~
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OMG Nymble you're sooooooo cuuuuuuuuteee!!!! :heart::heart::heart: :iconspazhugplz:

Aaaanyways, I've always adored Nymble! He's an amazing character which sort of started the whole Wyngro world turning. I love what you've done with him over the year, and the community that grew up around him. :heart:

This drawing though, wow! I LOVE that pose you have adult Nymble in! He has just enough accessories to give him character. Oooh! I love it, love it, love it! la in love 
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8DDDD! I knew you'd like this one!

And thank you so much, that's so kind of you to say. <33

I like the pose too! >D I'm really trying to practice angles and dynamic poses!
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Sadly, I never knew Wyngling-Nymble, but I love who he us now! :D

Also don't forget to add the three extra cokns for the weekly prompt. ^w^/
Nestly's avatar
Awwww that's great. <3

And oh yeah thanks! I always forget lol
MizuMirai's avatar

No probs. c:
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What a cute little guy!
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No....? XD I didn't draw scars on any arm.
Nestly's avatar
Those are his hands. XD both his paws are scared.

And not sure why you're circling his cheek?
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//walks to the corner// I just
messed up
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aww look at him!! *pets nymble* it's okay that you're conflicted and uncertain, it just gives you deapth uou 
Nestly's avatar
Yaaay character depth! >D
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Ge has grown up so much! He went from pure cinnamonroll to adorable DORK
Nestly's avatar
Hahah yaaaay. XD
RandomComicSheet's avatar
Poor Dryft tho... He went from sick babbu to "Please SAVE HIM" dude.

*Gives him some medicine*
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Hahah I knoooow I really do plan to elaborate on Dryft more once I have more time.
I also have a weekly prompt sketch for him and Ming I wanna finish!
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You can do it Miss Nestly!! ME BELIEVE IN YOU
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