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Giacomo the Fixer Upper

By Nestly
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I haven't drawn Giacomo with his goggles yet! O: He got them from Dashy.
He thinks they make him look really cool and never takes them off, even when his mamma Shelby tried to take them off while he's sleeping. It also helps keep his growing hair tuft out of his eyes.

Giacomo also has had a fascination of fixing things. He loves broken objects for this reason.
Recently he got a hold of Netty & Zagor's music box they were using in magic class. He sorta tagged along with his mom during Magic class and got in the way a lot.
So now he's determined to try and tinker with the broken music box. You can do it Giacomo!

Upgrade Baby Accessory by Wyngrew Pupil Wyngling by Wyngrew
Giacomo also got Pupils. I'm so happy.
(I hate drawing pupiless eyes. <x'D)
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Uwaaaaaa~~ <3 Those goggles look so adorable on Giaaa~~ <3 
and I wonder if he can get the musicbox fixed! XD
Nestly's avatar
Thanks! 8D and we shall seeeee
RabidWuff's avatar
And see we shall~
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The Giacomo on the left seems pretty freaked out that there's a clone of himself right next to him.
Nestly's avatar
Pfffttt I know someone else mentioned that too. xD
cynnakii's avatar
Aw so adorbsssss <3 :love: :D
Nestly's avatar
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You're welcome :) <3
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D'aw, I hadn't even noticed that pupils were OK for wynglings now. Giac is adorable. =)
Nestly's avatar
Yeah. >8D
It was sort of sneakily added in recently haha.
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Awwwww, cute little Giac tinkering away. He truly is a beautiful, though complex, wyngling to draw.
Nestly's avatar
Truly. xDDD but I still love him.
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I honestly love Giacomo so much! He's incredibly freaking cute! c':
Also love those upgrades. I agree, I dislike drawing eyes without pupils. :U
So it always sucks that I needed to wait to grow up a Wyngling to get that upgrade. ;A;
Nestly's avatar
Yesssss. XD Now finally our dreams have come truuuuee!
I'm so anal about eyes hahah it's why I won't do colored pupils.
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Tehe, and here we have the cute, little wyngling with his special ears, trying to fix broken objects. B)
Vaylore's avatar
Oh how sweet. I'm glad to see some awesome art of this little guy. Part of me wants him to never grow up DX 
Nestly's avatar
Hahahaha. Don't worry though, he's got a ways before then!
88Aurora88's avatar
I love this little guy, he's so cute! :D
Nestly's avatar
Thanks hahah. xD
88Aurora88's avatar
You're welcome!
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Ah i love him!!

It's like the opposite of Pip, Pip likes breaking taking things apart >w<
Nestly's avatar
Omg hahaha, Pip is just leaving Giacomo a trail. xD
TopazOwl's avatar
>w< Pip can never be bothered putting things back together so she just leaves it on the floor
Nestly's avatar
Giacomo is in heaven finding all this broken shit on the floor.
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